8 SaaS Leaders You Should Follow: Partnerships Edition

8 SaaS Leaders You Should Follow: Partnerships Edition

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We’ve compiled a list of 10 top partnership leaders you should be following this 2023. 


By following these top partnership leaders on LinkedIn, you can gain valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in the industry. They can also provide you with the opportunity to expand your professional network, both online and offline.


From industry-rising stars to veterans, these leaders have proven track records of driving growth and innovation through strategic partnerships. 


So, whether you are a seasoned business leader or a newcomer to the partnership game, following these industry experts will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest developments in Partnership and GTM.


If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to grow your network, we’ve got you covered. 


Let’s get started!


Allan Adler

Allan Adler holds the position of Managing Partner and Chief Ecosystem Officer at Digital Bridge Partners, in addition to serving as the Ecosystem Council Chair at PartnerHacker. He is also known for developing the GoToEcosystem and GoToEco solutions.


Throughout his 35+ year career, he has consistently prioritized partnerships at every company he’s worked for, including serving on the Supervisory Board at Channext and as an Engagement Partner at Crimson Consulting Inc, MarketSource, and bChannels.


Connect with him here to learn more about the GoToEcosystem model to drive more revenue.



Jay McBain

Jay McBain, was named the 2021 Channel Influencer of the year by the Channel Partners Magazine. With almost 30 years in the tech industry, Jay is the best to learn about trends and predictions of channels, channel vendors, ecosystem stats, and go-to-market models. 


As the current Chief Analyst at Canalys, he brings valuable expertise from his previous roles including Principal Analyst for Channels, Partnerships, and Ecosystems at Forrester, CEO and Co-Founder of ChannelEyes, and Senior VP for Community and Channel Development at Autotask.


Connect with him here and stay informed about the latest ecosystem trends.




Jared Fuller

Jared Fuller is the Co-Founder and Chief Ecosystem Officer at PartnerHacker, and Reveal’s Chief Ecosystem Officer with 10 years of experience under his belt.


He’s the producer and co-host of the PartnerUp Podcast and a member of the Board of Advisors in companies like Notably and the Cloud Software Association. He has previously worked as Senior Director, Global Partnerships at Drift, and VP Sales and Business Development at PandaDoc.


Jared is the go-to expert if you’re seeking to expand your knowledge in B2B insights, the SaaS industry, sales, and marketing strategies, channel and alliance partnerships, as well as business development.


Connect with him here to learn everything from A to Z about the partnership ecosystem.



Allison Munro

Allison Munro holds the position of Chief Marketing and Ecosystem Officer at Vena Solutions. She also serves as a member of the Executive Advisory Board at Put It Forward and as a CMO member at Peak Community. Allison’s prior work experience includes positions such as Head of Marketing and Sales at Viafoura, Senior Manager of North America Marketing at Oracle, and Marketing Director at companies such as NexJ Systems and Broadstreet Data.


With more than 20 years of experience, she’s the right person to talk to if you want to learn more about digital marketing, strategic partnerships, CRM, GTM strategy, and channel partners. 


Connect with her here to uncover the impact of marketing and partnerships. 




Jessie Shipman

As the CEO and Co-Founder of Fluincy, Jessie brings her extensive knowledge to the table. With over 15 years of experience, she is the ideal partner to learn about sales and partner enablement. She has previously held positions such as Senior Strategic Partner Technical Enablement Engineer at Apple and Professional Services Engineer at Jamf.


Additionally, she is a member of the Graham & Walker Catalyst, which is a cohort-experience program designed to support women startup founders to succeed in venture capital.


Jessie is the host of PartnerHacker’s Sell[ing] Together podcast — the guide to discovering a new approach to sales by building trust and solving problems more efficiently. 


Connect with her here to learn how to use co-selling in your favor.  



Daniela Garcia

Daniela Garcia is an up-and-coming talent in the field, her 5 years of experience make her an expert on the subjects of business development and strategy. On her LinkedIn profile, she engages her audience through interactive and engaging discussions on leadership, strategic partnerships, business alliances, sales, and prospecting.


Currently, she’s the Director of Partnership Development at Lead Forensics and also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at PodBooking. She is the Founder of Indie Beauty House and previously worked as a National Account Manager at La-tweez.


Connect with her here to create sustainable growth for your business.



Scott Brinker

With over 30 years of experience, Scott Brinker has demonstrated his expertise and accomplishments in both the MarTech and partnership ecosystems industries. He is renowned for his marketing technology "supergraphic."


Currently, he holds the position of VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot and works as an editor at Chief MarTech. Previously, he worked as the Program Chair at the MarTech Conference, CTO, and Co-Founder of Ion Interactive Inc, and as the Chief Executive Officer at CyberOps Inc.


Connect with him here to get all the insights you need in the MarcTech industry.



Chris Murray

If you are interested in learning about how to establish successful partnership programs, gain insights into partnership concepts and benefits, and receive valuable tips on managing partnerships, then Chris Murray is the expert to approach.


Chris, Lead Forensics’ VP Partner Ecosystem, has over 10 years of experience in this field. He previously worked as the VP of North American Partnership Channels at Webeo and worked as a Commercial Manager at HSBC.


Connect with Chris here to have all the tips and hack about sales and partnerships.



Last but not least, what is a Partnership Manager without the partnership community


One of the many pieces of advice that all the previous partnership experts have shared is to join communities and speak with your industry peers. 


This will help you know the main challenges they’re trying to solve, share your success stories, listen to theirs, and as a cherry on top, this will help you identify strategies that you could copy/paste and bring into your partner program. 


To tick that from your list, follow PartnerHacker and Partnerships Leaders on LinkedIn, and join The Reveal partner network — our own partner program. 


Don’t forget to start sharing your own insights. What you have to say is valuable, whether you’re on day 1,000 or day 1, there’s someone who’s on day 0 that wants to know what the most up-to-date day 1 is.


The ecosystem wants to hear from you! Sign up to PartnerHacker’s Ecosystem Creator Lab newsletter to get writing prompts, hot topics, and enablement resources


If you know any partnership leader that needs to be included in this list, make sure you drop his/her/their name here, cause we’re cooking the second part of this list. 


Reveal your ecosystem’s potential. Sign up for free.

Nearbound.com 6 min

8 SaaS Leaders You Should Follow: Partnerships Edition

Here's the list of 10 top partnership leaders you should be following in 2023.

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