Airmeet Leads the Way on Event-Led Growth via Nearbound

Airmeet Leads the Way on Event-Led Growth via Nearbound

Will Taylor 4 min

Airmeet is leading the charge on driving revenue through Event-led Growth (ELG). It’s part of a Nearbound strategy to use trust and influence to reach customers through the excitement of live, interactive online events.

Events aren’t just about growing your list through registration. They allow you to gather intent data of your customers through polls, sessions, chat, and more. 

Mark Kilens, CMO of Airmeet, sees events as the most effective way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Attendance and event interactions are stronger signals than just about every other format of intent data that B2B companies are using today. – Mark Kilens

Stand out from paid ads and SEO-gamed content

We live in a world where we are bombarded with ads and gamed SEO content. The average consumer sees thousands of ad impressions per day. How can you capture attention and truly drive impact with your sales and marketing motions?

One word: Events.

Live events build excitement. Participants feel like they are part of something bigger.

It’s no surprise that one of PartnerHacker’s biggest revenue drivers in 2022 was our events. And it continues to drive revenue in 2023.

Partnering with PartnerHacker was a no-brainer based on what we were already doing together. The only difference is we’ve made it official and we’ll now be even more intentional. – Nick Bennet

Get real – go off script

People love getting together to learn - live, with other professionals in an unscripted way. Event participants get a chance to comment, ask questions, and be part of a community of learners.

When asked about why PartnerHacker’s PL[X] event won Event of the Year, Kabir Uppal from Airmeet said:

PLX won event of the year for a reason. It did events right. They engaged the audience to make it more than just some boring webinar. They made the entire thing feel like an event you were participating in.

It’s not just Airmeet and PartnerHacker killing it with events. Event-led Growth is becoming an increasingly popular Nearbound strategy.

Look at most conferences these days - ChiliPiper, Mutiny, MadKudu, G2, Airmeet (😉), and our friends at Partnership Leaders partnered up on an in-person event.

Why? More registration, more promotional power, and more fun!

That’s why we’ve decided to enter into a true partnership with Airmeet.

Check out some of these cool events we’ve already done with them:

  1. PLX Summit 2022
  2. Airmeet Power Hour - twice (and customer awards!)
  3. Power Hour - Everything You Need to Know About Event Data
  4. Power Party - Airmeet All Stars
  5. Mark Kilens on the PartnerUp Podcast
  6. GTM Partners Leadership Summit
  7. Nick Bennett on the Marketing Together Podcast

Turn customers into raving fans

PartnerHacker has sent 5+ clients to Airmeet, simply by using their platform and raving about it. Now, as raving fans (and users), we are operationalizing our relationship to drive even more business to each other.

Event-led Growth is a Nearbound strategy YOU can be doing with your partners today.

Turn customers into raving fans. Engage with them. Discuss strategies with them. GIVE to them –it comes back in the form of business.

We were partners with Airmeet before the pen hit the paper. But, we’ve formalized an agreement; now we have plans to help out even further.

We’ve got BIG plans for the future of Nearbound x Event-led growth

The best part of this partnership?

It won’t be much different than before between PartnerHacker and Airmeet. You won’t see us using affiliate links. Nor will you see us pitching their solution.

What we will be doing, however, is sharing a joint message of value through content and (you guessed it) events. Together, we’ll educate both of our audiences about the power of Nearbound and event-led growth strategies.

If you are looking for an events platform, we recommend Airmeet. Click here to read more about our thoughts and how we’ve worked with them.

Their team of experts like Nick Bennett - Senior Director of ELG Event-Led Growth & Evangelism and Content, will help guide you through the Nearbound future as a marketer and as a partner hacker.

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Will Taylor 4 min

Airmeet Leads the Way on Event-Led Growth via Nearbound

Airmeet is driving revenue through a Nearbound strategy, using trust and influence to reach customers through the excitement of live, interactive online events.

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