Building a Nearbound Strategy at the Nearbound Summit

Building a Nearbound Strategy at the Nearbound Summit 10 min

Inbound and outbound alone are not enough to hit quota. These two strategies leave out a vital piece of the puzzle: 




Nearbound is simple. It just means partnering with and reaching buyers through voices they already trust. Nearbound can be layered onto every GTM motion.


We’re in the ‘Who’ economy. Buyers are asking “Who can help me” and looking to those they trust.


True influence comes from trust, and trust comes from those who help. 


And that’s what the Nearbound Summit is all about: Bringing in GTM leaders who have already achieved the promised land to help you build and leverage that trust that your partners have already created.


Here’s a little bit about what’s being covered each day of the event…

Nearbound at the company level

Monday, November 6 is Nearbound Startup Day. What do top execs and VCs see as key to a successful GTM in this market?


Sessions include:

Streamlining and optimizing GTM strategies

Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and CEO, and Lindsay Cordell, Partner at GTM Partners will share five highly sought-after frameworks designed to simplify the often complex and multifaceted GTM process.


Their frameworks offer a beacon of clarity in this dynamic landscape. 


By distilling their extensive knowledge into accessible, easy-to-use models, they aim to empower businesses to make informed decisions, reach their target audiences more effectively, and ultimately achieve greater success. 



Navigating strategic growth decisions

Laura Padilla, Partner and Head of BD, Sapphire Ventures, R.J. Filipski, Global VP, BD and Ecosystem at Clari, and Iris Ng, Head of Corporate Development and Strategy will guide you on how to make strategic choices of whether to build a solution or service in-house, purchase it from an external vendor, or enter into strategic partnerships with other organizations.  


This fundamental decision-making process can significantly impact a company’s growth trajectory, operational efficiency, and overall competitiveness in the market.


Adaptability and innovation are essential for sustainable growth, and mastering the art of navigating these strategic growth decisions is vital for businesses looking to thrive in a dynamic and competitive landscape. With their help, you can make these critical choices with confidence.

Finding the gaps in your revenue strategy

Jason Lemkin, SaaS Founder, and VC of SaaStr will present the most common pitfalls and errors that can undermine the effectiveness and success of revenue teams. 


Revenue leaders need to better understand the challenges they may face to ensure their teams are positioned for success in the dynamic landscape of 2024 and beyond–nearbound is the path forward.  


The ability to learn from these mistakes, adapt, and implement effective strategies is a cornerstone of continuous improvement and staying ahead in a competitive market. 



How do I build a better product by leveraging nearbound?

If you want to learn how to build integrated products, the Nearboun Product Day is for you–Nov. 7th AM. And we have an amazing lineup of speakers that can help you with that.  


Here are some examples of topics you can expect: 


Unleashing the power of partnerships

Nearbound data and collaboration are paramount, understanding how to harness this valuable information is crucial for staying competitive and meeting the ever-evolving needs of customers. 


There’s an immense potential hidden within integrations, marketplaces, and partnerships, often overlooked or underutilized by businesses.


Katie Landaal, SVP, Global Alliances and Ecosystem, and Sophie Cheng, Vice President, Product and Customer Marketing will share how to uncover and action nearbound information to build better products, boost stickiness, and increase customer satisfaction.


Partnerships can provide access to a wealth of data and resources that can fuel product innovation and enhance customer satisfaction. By learning how to unlock and act upon this information effectively, companies can build better products, increase customer engagement and loyalty, and ultimately drive growth and profitability.



Align your Product and Partner teams

When your Product and Partner teams work in harmony, they can enhance the development of products, services, and solutions that cater to a broader customer base. Such collaboration not only accelerates innovation but also ensures that businesses remain agile and responsive to market demands. 


Karen Ng, SVP Product, and Kelly Sarabyn, Platform Ecosystem Advocate at HubSpot will explain how to align your Product and Partner teams to growth and resilience. 


The business world is becoming increasingly complex, interconnected, and competitive, and to thrive you need to harness the collective strengths of these teams is essential for thriving in the ecosystem.



How nearbound can help you create customer success? 

If one of your priorities or KPIs is customer satisfaction and you like to put your customer at the center of your strategies, the Nearbound Success Day is for you–Nov. 7th PM. And we have the perfect whos that can help you achieve that by leveraging nearbound. 


Here are some examples of the topics you’ll learn: 


Building a customer-centric mindset

Customer-centricity is not just a buzzword but a strategic imperative. Partnerships and Nearbound strategies are only meaningful if they resonate with the customers, add value to their lives, and address their pain points.


Jill Rowley, Strategy and Evangelism at is going to tell you ‘why’ understanding and empathizing with your customers’ needs and priorities are the cornerstone of successful partnerships.


By "remembering the ’why’ of partnerships," organizations can create more meaningful and fruitful collaborations that truly align with their customers’ best interests, fostering trust and loyalty, and driving long-term success. 



The 7 deadly sins of customer success in the Nearbound Era

Successful GTM strategies are shifting away from a pure focus on customer acquisition and are instead embracing a more holistic approach that involves nurturing and retaining existing customers.


Catalyst’s Mark Kosoglow, CRO, and Kevin Chiu, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, will talk about how your customer success practices must evolve into revenue-generating activities to establish both recurring impact and revenue.


Companies need to wake up, reevaluate their customer success strategies, and align them with the demands of the modern market, emphasizing the shift from growth at all costs to customer-driven growth in the Nearbound era.



How can you surround your customers with influence? 

SEO is getting gamed, buyers are filtering your information, cold emails are decreasing their open rate, and there are blockers on tracking how your ads are performing. Inbound and outbound alone are not working anymore. 


If you want to get your audience’s attention, you should surround them with influence, not spam–that’s why Nearbound Marketing Day is for you–Nov. 8th. 


Here are a couple of keynotes you’ll find interesting: 


The end of the demand waterfall

The emphasis is on efficient growth, which requires a more refined and strategic approach. Focusing solely on generating leads, is becoming less effective. What you have to do is build relationships before you start selling.  And to accomplish that, companies need to reorganize their GTM teams to work as an integrated, revenue team. 


Refine Labs’ Chris Walker, Founder and CEO, and Sidney Waterfall, SVP of Marketing, will deep dive into the RevOS model that enables this organizational transformation to align all GTM teams to deliver accelerated, efficient growth, based on trust.


This organizational transformation is key to delivering accelerated, efficient growth, which is vital for staying competitive in the ever-evolving market.



Building unified operating models

Disparate strategies and disconnected teams often lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. While the solution may be easier said than done, the key lies in unifying around your customer – uniting with those whom your customer trusts. 


Pavilion’s CEO, Sam Jacobs (WSJ Bestselling Author), and Kathleen Booth, SVP Marketing and Growth will highlight the critical issue of teams operating with disconnected and disparate strategies, and how you can avoid them. 


It’s becoming increasingly clear that unifying around a customer-centric approach is essential for success. Ecosystems may be the only defensible path to market in the future.



How to connect nearbound and the larger market?

With nearbound hitting quota becomes easier. You just have to action your ecosystem intel, influence, and introductions to close bigger deals faster. If you want to learn how, Nearbound Sales DayNov. 9th–is your day. 


GTM top leaders will tell you how, here are some examples of what can you expect this day: 


The challenge for CROs thinking nearbound

CROs play a pivotal role in driving an organization’s revenue growth. However it might require more than a fancy deck to get them onboard on your nearbound strategy. 


Mark Roberge, Founder of Stage 2 Capital, will navigate how the traditional approaches to revenue generation are giving way to innovative strategies like Nearbound.


Hitting quotas was often about aggressive outbound strategies and lead generation. However, the Nearbound Era calls for a more nuanced and customer-centric approach. Sales leaders now need to adapt to a landscape where customers play a more proactive role in the buying process. 


This ultimately translates into higher conversion rates and better customer satisfaction, making it more likely for sales teams to hit and even exceed their quotas. 



When partner attach goes wrong and how to coach your way out of it

Partnerships are a significant component of many business strategies. 


When they work well, they can be highly beneficial, but when they go awry, it can result in wasted resources, strained relationships, and missed opportunities. Recognizing the signs of a faltering partnership and knowing how to navigate out of it is a crucial skill for business professionals.


Aaron McGarry, Executive VP and Chief Ecosystem Officer at Qualtrics, and Cory Bray, Co-Founder of CRM Coach, will provide insights into how to handle those challenges and rectify such situations when partnerships do not go as planned.



Partnerships as a multiplier force for businesses

Businesses must recognize the potential of strategic partnerships in driving growth and success. When approached strategically and executed effectively, partnerships can open doors to new markets, customer segments, and revenue streams. 


And Judd Borakove, Co-Founder and Partner at Red Monkey Consulting will tell you how to level up your 2024 results by leveraging partnerships. 


In the absence of a well-structured partner strategy, organizations may miss out on valuable opportunities, risk stagnation, and struggle to achieve their desired results. But, you can achieve remarkable results by tapping into the power of partnerships, which are increasingly becoming a defining factor in the business world’s future success.



Leveraging data to sell more

Data, when leveraged effectively, can be a powerful asset that drives informed decision-making and fuels business growth. However, data alone is not enough, in today’s economy there’s an emphasis on building relationships. 


Henry Schuck, Founder, and CEO of Zoominfo, will take you on a journey that goes beyond just the data and delves into the broader context of business growth, the importance of relationships, and the integral role of data in the modern business landscape.


He will showcase how a combination of data, context, and relationships can lead to remarkable success in the business world.


Working better together

We believe we can only win if we help others win. And the best way to help your community win this week is by inviting them to the Summit!


Staying ahead of the competition is paramount, and nearbound offers you the ability to simplify and enhance the GTM process is a game-changer.


Join 7,000+ GTM leaders to redefine the way companies go to market. 


If you haven’t, register here, it’s never too late to drive success. 10 min

Building a Nearbound Strategy at the Nearbound Summit

Inbound and outbound strategies alone just won't cut it, there's a game-changer in town: Nearbound! Learn how to leverage it at the Nearbound Summit.

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