Celebrating Excellence: Announcing the 'Boundies Awards Winners 2023

Celebrating Excellence: Announcing the 'Boundies Awards Winners 2023

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We’re thrilled to unveil the esteemed winners of the ’Boundies Awards 2023, a celebration of those remarkable moments and GTM leaders who have fully embraced the nearbound mindset. 🎉

Nearbound Collab of the Year: Concierge Everywhere

The ’Nearbound Collab of the Year’ award goes to the collaborative powerhouse comprising Chili Piper, G2, Ada, Chameleon, Snappy, and Partner Fleet. Their synergy and innovation have redefined what it means to work together, setting a high standard for industry collaboration.



Nearbound Rookie of the Year: 

Individual Category


Coriena Merejo, Channel Program Manager at Pipedrive, has emerged as the shining star in our ’Nearbound Rookie of the Year’ category. Her dedication and contribution have been nothing short of outstanding, setting a sterling example for all nearbound newcomers. 



Company Category: 


Supered, led by CEO and Co-Founder Matt Bolian, has astoundingly exemplified the ’nearbound’ spirit. Their innovation and achievements have set a remarkable standard in the industry. 



Nearbound Champ of the Year: Kelly Sarabyn

Our ’Nearbound Champ of the Year,’ Kelly Sarabyn, Platform Ecosystem Advocate at HubSpot, has made a significant impact on our industry. Her unwavering commitment and passion for being seemingly everywhere, working with everyone, and finding win-win wins all the time are truly admirable.



Huge congratulations to all the winners! 


Let’s raise our glasses to these exceptional talents that not only make our industry shine but also inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries. 


Together, we’ll continue celebrating the remarkable achievements of GTM leaders and moments that thrive in this exciting Nearbound Era. 🥂


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Celebrating Excellence: Announcing the 'Boundies Awards Winners 2023

Introducing the 'Boundies Awards 2023 winners

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