ELG Insider Daily #619: The GTM Attribution Conundrum

ELG Insider Daily #619: The GTM Attribution Conundrum

Shawnie Hamer 2 min

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The state of ELG

You've likely felt the pessimism of the market.

And we're sad to say but it's true—market pessimism is rooted in hard data.

  • Most GTM teams are expecting to miss their revenue targets this year.
  • Sales processes are showing strain.
  • And old strategies are struggling.




A little while ago Pavilion and Crossbeam published a report showing 89% of respondents (across marketing, sales, customer success, and partnerships) say their companies are looking for new strategies.

Ecosystem-Led Growth is the future of efficient revenue.

Register for ELG Con: London to hear CEO of Crossbeam, Bob Moore share the future of ELG and what you should be taking advantage of right now.

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The GTM attribution conundrum

Toni Hohlbein (CEO at Growblocks), Sangram Vajre (CEO at GTM Partners), and the team at GTM Partners partnered on a great content piece on GTM metrics.

Here are some of the best points...

These days, it's common to hear how Go-to-Market teams are tasked with maintaining efficient growth by cutting spending, demonstrating their value, and achieving results. 

However, as GTM professionals attempt to prove their value, problems arise around metric relevance, trustworthiness, and the reliability of data sources.


image 315

Read the full breakdown here.



A more complete approach to GTM

Andrei Zinkevich, Co-Founder at FullFunnel.io, shared this great visual for thinking about an evolved approach to marketing and sales strategy.


Read through his full post for his step-by-step recommended process.

Then, think about how you can overlay partners into each different stage.



LIVE from ELG Con London

For the first time, get the exclusive story on the deal of the decade from Bob and Simon. Join us for the virtual fireside chat here.



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Stuff you don't want to miss!

  • July 10th—The Partnership Death Cycle and How to Avoid it—Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) will share the biggest challenges keeping partnership professionals up at night.  By the end of the webinar you will know exactly how to overcome your daily challenges and what steps you need to take to put your partner program and career on the fast track. Register here.

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Shawnie Hamer 2 min

ELG Insider Daily #619: The GTM Attribution Conundrum

Toni Hohlbein, Sangram Vajre, and the team at GTM Partners partnered on a great content piece on GTM metrics.

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