Integrations as a Growth Lever

Integrations as a Growth Lever

Jessica Fewless 5 min

As a CMO, Head of Growth, or even a Demand Gen manager, have you ever felt like your success was limited by the data in your CRM? Or that the same plays just aren’t enough to meet the ever-growing revenue demands of your organization? 


Well, you’re not alone! Most marketers have felt this at some point in their careers, and in 2024, it seems to be one of the biggest issues marketers are facing.


So the question is: what do you do to solve for it?


Leveraging ecosystem data in your marketing strategy 

One of the most underutilized (although present in over 85% of organizations) channels in most companies is partners. And I’m not just talking partner marketing, or nearbound ABM—that’s a topic of its own, and covered in this ebook and webinar! But rather, I’m talking about the data related to partners that can help inform your entire GTM strategy!


Think about why your company has partnerships:

  • You have integrations that make your product more powerful

  • Retention is higher when companies integrate technologies

  • They are a channel to sell your product through

  • You sell to the same buyers, so you get information about or introductions to customers

Given the above, it would make sense to tap the data on accounts and individuals that your partners are working with to inform your own strategy, right? But how do you harness the power of this data? 


Step one is to identify your partners’ customers or prospects that aren’t yours (or aren’t even in your CRM!). This can help you do several things:

  • Help you augment your Target Account lists for both Marketing and Sales: If you know that you have higher close rates or retention rates when a particular partner is present in an account, why wouldn’t you prioritize those accounts for your outbound efforts? These accounts may not even exist in your CRM today, but shouldn’t they? 

  • Help you create focused, personalized campaigns speaking directly to your partners’ customers: You know a lot about the types of clients that work with your partners and what might make you attractive to them as a result…so lean into that message!

  • Help you prioritize the partners you want to spend your resources on for co-selling and co-marketing initiatives: While you have possibly dozens or even hundreds of partners for various reasons, there are ones that will provide the most strategic advantage for you in generating new revenue. Identify those based on their prevalence in your target audience and double down on them.


Lead Generation with Reveal  

You’re probably thinking, “This all sounds great, but how do I get this data to accomplish this?”


One simple way is through the power of Reveal’s new Lead Gen Package. 

The Lead Gen package is a new offering from Reveal that empowers Marketing, Sales, and Growth teams to set up their scalable growth machine through their ecosystem. Fill your lead gen funnel with qualified leads coming directly from your partner’s CRM. 

Here’s what’s included in the package, and how it works: 

New prospects 

Use one-to-one or 360 account mapping to get nearbound leads from your partners’ customer lists. 



Empower your Marketing team to run targeted Account Based Marketing campaigns, and enable your Sales team by finding the highest qualified leads for outbound prospecting, as well as strategic accounts that may be missing from your CRM. 



Not only do you unlock a steady stream of stronger leads, but you also ensure that you set your Revenue teams up for scalable growth:

  • Unlock an aggregate view of all New Prospects

  • Identify the best leads for your ICP

  • Access relevant details (country, industry,# of employees, etc.)

  • Leads are enriched using AI to mirror your CRM setup

Deal influencers

It’s not just about the accounts, but also the best person to contact. Reveal takes the mystery out of who to reach out to by providing the titles of the decision-makers you should be targeting. 



Lead Gen weekly digests

The key to creating your growth machine is consistency, timeliness, and accuracy. With Reveal’s Lead Gen package, you’ll receive a weekly digest with all the New prospects that have been newly identified, directly in your email.   



Never miss an interesting account: 

  • Get notified for every New prospect identified

  • Get a list of newly identified prospects for your Lead Gen team

  • Download and transfer this list to your Sales team

Webhooks & API 

Leverage powerful API that automatically populates the client’s CRM with new leads, whenever a partner acquires a new customer. Post newly identified prospects to any endpoint to fit your growth process, automatically create accounts in your CRM or your enrichment tool, and filter accounts by your ICP. 



Plus, leverage Reveal’s API to connect and create triggers throughout your entire tech stack. 



We’ve all fought the battle of trying to keep our CRMs organized. Categories in CRMs tend to overlap as leads come in, but most partners use their own descriptions. For example, fields like “industry” will have different names, or employee numbers will have varying ranges. The result? A lot of manual work to adapt the new data to your CRM.



Reveal’s Lead Generation Package introduces a Large Language Model (LLM) that performs various processing tasks to ensure New Prospects are assigned to categories and ranges coherent with your CRM.

Your ecosystem is your path to growth 

Everyone is struggling to fill their pipeline with valuable leads that will drive impact for their companies. 


So, why not start with the leads hiding in your ecosystem? 


Leads shared with integration partners are the best way to find qualified buyers who already have a relationship with the software or service and company you’re partnered with. 


And the best part? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Reveal’s Lead Gen Package makes it easy for any Reveal user to find, nurture, and automate your growth machine. 


Learn more about how to get started here


Jessica Fewless 5 min

Integrations as a Growth Lever

Learn how to unlock the potential of partner data with Reveal to fuel exponential growth strategies in marketing and sales with insights from Jessica Fewless.

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