Nearbound Daily #411: WARNING This Email Contains Trigger Words for Partner Pros

Nearbound Daily #411: WARNING This Email Contains Trigger Words for Partner Pros

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How to build motivation into your Nearbound motions

The reality of humanity is we’re driven by our psychology.


That includes our partners, customers, teammates, managers, and stakeholders.


In Daniel Pink’s book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, he introduces the traditional if-then reward.


It says: If you do this, then you get this.


We set up a large portion of our society to run on if-then rewards, including our businesses. 


The problem is, if-then rewards can extinguish intrinsic motivation, crush creativity, crowd out good behavior, encourage cheating, and foster short-term thinking.


Intrinsic motivation is the drive to do something because it’s interesting, challenging, and absorbing. Extrinsic motivation is the drive to get something. 


Another way to explain the difference is like this:


Extrinsic motivation makes the destination the goal. Intrinsic motivation makes the journey the goal.


Nearbound works well when most of its motions are tied to intrinsic motivation because it’s inherently long-term and collaborative. 


Intrinsic motivation applied to Nearbound motions leads to stronger partnerships, well-executed campaigns, and communicative collaboration. 


If you’re building Nearbound motions, extrinsic motivation should be strategically (and sparingly) utilized. 


Keep this in mind as you read the next section.

A big partner payout debate


Partner payouts.

When two words cause such an uproar, you know you’re onto something.


Recently I read an article by Alex Glenn in which he explained,

I’m not a fan of paying partners. I believe it creates the wrong relationship with your partners - they become vendors and debt collectors, not partners.

That got me interested. I wonder what other people have to say about this.


I went to LinkedIn, asked my network, and got some amazing replies (thank you for replying!).


Some agreed with Alex,

There is a strong correlation with payout-based programs hosted solely on a portal and how fast I churn out…it doesn’t feel very collaborative. Partnerships should have more depth. — James Bohrman.

Some disagreed, seeing payouts as a great value-add for certain partners.

(15) Post LinkedIn 2023-09-14 at 11.45.55 AM

Linkon Axon LinkedIn Post

But the majority of partner pros believe it depends.

Steven Muhr LinkedIn Post

Tyrone Lingley LinkedIn Post

It seems like to answer the partner payouts question, you have to first ask yourself:

  1. Are affiliates partners?

  2. What’s the long-term goal of [X] partnership?

What do you think? Reply with your thoughts.

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Intrinsic motivation 😉

You’re a part of the Nearbound movement, thank you! Help others be a part of the movement, too!


Multiple Authors 3 min

Nearbound Daily #411: WARNING This Email Contains Trigger Words for Partner Pros

Building a Nearbound motion requires strong leadership and intrinsic motivation.

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