Nearbound Daily #414: Build a More Competitive GTM

Nearbound Daily #414: Build a More Competitive GTM

Micaela Richmond 2 min

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Startup partner programs and Nearbound

Startup partner programs are an awesome element to add to your Nearbound GTM strategy.


The BuiltFirst team recently published an awesome article explaining startup partnership programs.

[They] are strategic initatives often launched by established companies aiming to win business from early-stage startups.


The goal is to provide these startups with tools, resources, or services (like software) often at a discounted rate or sometimes for free, to aid their growth and success.

The hope is some of these startups become large, profitable companies investing more in your software.

I went back to Aaron Bailey, their CEO, and asked him, how do startup programs fit into Nearbound GTM?


He explained,


Aaron Bailey

Tips from the experts

If you like the idea of startup programs as a part of your Nearbound GTM strategy, here are two tips.


Aaron Bailey shared,

One of the fastest ways to drive distribution in your program is to partner with other software companies that have similar programs, leverage already existing relationships.

Dalton Haberman, a Partner Manager recommended,

Create a compelling offer for your ICP. Typically what we see perform best on our platform are "$X in credits" or "X time free". This gives clearly defined value to startups upfront and shows you’re invested in helping them grow. Doing competitive research like on our own marketplace can help with that.

Survey results on managed services

Jay McBain recently posted the results from a global survey of partners on X.


The survey showed 86% of channel partners are looking to raise managed services prices in the next 6 months.


Only 15% say they don’t sell managed services.


Jay McBain explained further,

This is the lowest we have seen and helps explain why there are now 335k IT companies now with some managed revenue.

Managed Services

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Help them build a competitve GTM

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Micaela Richmond 2 min

Nearbound Daily #414: Build a More Competitive GTM

Startup partner programs are an awesome element to add to your Nearbound GTM strategy.

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