Nearbound Daily #415: Microsoft and Facebook +$100M Alliance

Nearbound Daily #415: Microsoft and Facebook +$100M Alliance

Micaela Richmond 3 min

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A watering hole you can count on

Proving value means driving revenue, but driving revenue and short-term thinking are two wildly different things.


Nearbound isn’t about the quick sell.


There are ways to get quick wins, sure, but Nearbound’s primary goal is sustained growth and long-term client relationships.


Lots of old outbound tactics ran watering holes dry while inbound tactics overwhelmed watering holes.


Nearbound is about creating a watering hole that’s self-sustaining and symbiotic.


Enough water for those who need it, when they need it.


To paint the picture in jungle terms, it’d look like something like this:


Outbound: No more water for the animals to gather around.


Inbound: A beautiful watering hole surrounded by too many animals, foliage, sinkholes, and hunters.


Nearbound: a watering hole you can always count on when you’re passing by. Not too many animals, competition, or hunters.

Inside the +$100M Microsoft and Facebook alliance


Dan Rose joined Facebook as VP of Partnerships in 2006.


Six weeks later, he closed a $100M deal with Microsoft.


Dan shared the story on Twitter, and Franz-Josef Schrepf wrote a breakdown for partner pros looking to do something similar.


Franz concluded Timing + Network + Value = Alliance.


Timing: What’s happening in your industry? Is there an opportunity you need to jump on?


Network: Who is in your network? Who is in your CEO’s network? Who is in your partner network?


Value: What are your company’s value drivers? What are your partner’s value drivers?


Dan joined Facebook at the right time, had the right industry connections, and offered access to a corned resource Microsoft urgently needed.


You can’t expect to close a similar deal within six weeks of starting your new job, but now you know what to look for.


Read the full breakdown on or the original twitter thread here.

Inside the Story

A prickly dilemma

Ever had this experience?


Thanks for the meme, Nicolas A. Duerr!

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This could be worth $100M

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Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #415: Microsoft and Facebook +$100M Alliance

There’s an undeniable shift occurring in the market.

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