Nearbound Daily #420: Sangram Vajre on the Undeniable Shift in GTM

Nearbound Daily #420: Sangram Vajre on the Undeniable Shift in GTM

Micaela Richmond 3 min

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An undeniable shift in go to market


There’s an undeniable shift occurring in the market.


Sangram Vajre (Co-founder of Terminus and GTM Partners) is seeing it too.


He explained it like this,

I realized go to market was way bigger than I originally thought. It’s not a product launch or product marketing. It’s marketing, sales, product, and success. It’s the way the whole company goes to market.

GTM is not a motion or a departmental function.

Go to market today is about enabling, accelerating, and driving an entire company in a direction.

First, it’s important that people understand GTM as a motion. 


Then they can understand Nearbound GTM as an evolution of GTM that leverages the people your buyers trust to gain intel, intros, and influence in the market.

Reachdesk and 6Sense did better together right


Maia Luke from our team shared this awesome Reachdesk resource internally.


She was so impressed she even said, “I plan to share it with other clients as a great example of a ’better together’ resource.”

The resource is used to enable each other’s partnership/sales teams and it’s also used in marketing and educating customers/prospects.


Add this to your swipe file.


Nice job, Reachdesk and 6sense!

Nearbound in the wild


Chances are, fans of the local craft distillery don’t have strong preferences about roofers, lighting companies, or HVAC vendors.


Who are they more likely to go with?


a) The Google search result

b) The one partnered with the craft distillery they already trust


People are rational actors. In low information environments, they look for signals of trust.


Sometimes a bottle of whiskey is just the ticket!


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Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #420: Sangram Vajre on the Undeniable Shift in GTM

There’s an undeniable shift occurring in the market.

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