Nearbound Daily #421: Grow Better, Together 💪

Nearbound Daily #421: Grow Better, Together 💪

Micaela Richmond 4 min

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Nearbound Summit 2023 is a 4-day virtual event covering Nearbound strategies and tactics for every department. Register here.

Do the job so they don’t have to


Customers are more tapped in than ever, and they expect the same from you.


In a connected world, solutions have to be connected as well. Point solutions are a thing of the past. It’s your responsibility to provide tools that connect to the nodes and influences that matter most to the customer in their journey.


Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot, calls this the "age of the connected customer," which means that sellers have to think bigger than their product. 


She writes, "You need more than data, you need context. You need more than leads, you need connection. You need more than contacts, you need community."


Nearbound is the vehicle for providing a connected, contextual, and communal experience. By leveraging your partners—the ones your buyers already trust—for intel, influence, and introductions, you can learn how to solve problems for the buyer and their customers. 


The winners in an age of connectivity don’t wait until customers demand ease. They just provide it using Nearbound tactics.

It’d be like looking at only 1/2 of a Bob Ross painting


There’s a huge problem with modern marketing playbooks: lack of distinction between demand creation and demand capture.


Chris Walker, CEO and Co-founder of Refine Labs, was one of the first people to address it.

Chris Walker - Marketing Day

Demand creation is the thing that happens before your customer goes to Google. It’s the conversations behind closed doors, Reddit threads you didn’t know existed, and communities you’re not a part of.


Most marketers don’t think about demand creation. They only think about demand capture.


Demand capture is what happens once your customer has identified the problem and is trying to fix it. Demand capture includes funnel activities, SEO optimization, ad spend, content marketing, etc.


We measure and track the heck out of demand capture. Not demand creation.


It’s like we have this beautiful painting, but we’re only looking at half of it.


What a waste!


“The entire operating model that governs B2B go-to-market strategies is outdated & broken.”


Did you know the average conversion rate from MQL to customer is 0.1% (1 out of 1,000)?


It’s time for a re-vamp.


The future of marketing starts with the customers. It begins with the question — how can we create and capture demand the way a customer wants to experience it? And then — how can we track it?


Chris will address this and more at the Nearbound Summit 2023.


Register here.


P.S. Invite the marketers in your organization! Most marketers on LinkedIn know Chris Walker. Frame it as "a FREE opportunity to hear why leaders like Chris Walker are bought into this Nearbound thing." 😉

Meme of the Day


From the Nearbound Podcast #128 with Jeff Reekers. Check it out here.

Stuff you don’t want to miss!

  • Join the official Nearbound Summit community brought to you by Partnership Leaders — Partnership Leaders’ goal is to connect people interested in learning about partnerships around the world. Join here.

  • Oct 4, 2 PM EST — How to Partner with Your Product Team — Join Katharine Moore (Former Chief Business Development and Digital Product Officer at Vivante Health) and Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) as they’ll be pulling from her own experience having transitioned from BD to a product leadership role. Register here.

  • Oct 11th 10 AM EST — Women in Alliances Summit — Join the FREE global summit featuring speakers like Jay McBain, Tina Gravel, Christine Bongard, Allison Munro, and more. They’ll touch on AI’s impact on the ecosystem, how partnerships are changing, and tips to boost your career. Register here.

  • Oct 12th 11:30 AM EST — Direct is Dying — Join two CMOs, Isaac Morehouse of Reveal and Pete Rawlinson of Allbound, for a 30-minute discussion diving into the implications of a pivot from direct to partner-led demand generation. Register here.

  • November 6-9th — Nearbound Summit 2023 — The future of GTM is Nearbound. Join us for the biggest-ever remote experience in GTM where B2B leaders across departments unite to share how they’re winning with Nearbound strategies and tactics. Register here.

We GET to help others


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Micaela Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #421: Grow Better, Together 💪

Customers are more tapped in than ever, and they expect the same from you.

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