Nearbound Daily #424: Beyoncé, the Platform Genius? 🤔

Nearbound Daily #424: Beyoncé, the Platform Genius? 🤔

Micaela Richmond 3 min

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The shortest distance between you and your customer is not a straight line


It’s all about the customer, it always has been. 


But to reach the customer, the most effective route is not a straight line from you to them.


The most effective way to reach your customers is by encircling and surrounding them through a series of trusted nodes that already orbit around them. 


Being customer-centric isn’t Nearbound, but tapping into people your customers trust to help make them happier is. 


What a better, more efficient way to grow than that?

You could be the Beyoncé of your ecosystem


What does Beyoncé know that the IT Channel needs to know?


Alexandra Zagury, VP of partner managed and as-a-service Global Partner Sales at Cisco, outlined 3 lessons Queen Bey demonstrates like a modern-day Jedi.

  • Quit the archetypes in favor of agile, specialized roles that you define clearly and intentionally

“Would Ms. Knowles-Carter be a thing if she was still doing Destiny’s Child? Please. Bey’s never static. Every album and every tour is fresh and new. She’s an icon but she’s no old-school archetype.”


Embrace roles that fit the moment’s needs. You have to maintain creative control while still being flexible.

  • Build (or join) an ecosystem

Beyoncé is the epicenter of an ultra-cool ecosystem. From her diehard Beyhive fans to the mini-nation of global teams and technologies who bring her music, visuals, merch, and tours to life, Beyoncé’s ecosystem is robust!


We’re passed the days of winning solo. Isolation is not a recipe for success at scale.

  • Deliver an experience, not a product

Beyoncé doesn’t just drop an album, she drops a lifestyle—an ongoing, immersive experience. Her fans will never forget the moments she helps orchestrate for them.


Prioritize a first-class experience for your customer. They won’t forget it.


Read more, and check out Alexandra’s Nearbound podcast episode on


From rivals to partners


Peloton and Lululemon just announced a partnership to bring together the best in fitness content and athletic apparel to offer their shared audience of 20 million+ co-branded Lululemon apparel and deals on Peloton classes.


Instead of competing, the two companies are using this as an opportunity to go above and beyond for their customers.


Read more about this better-together partnership.


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One step closer to trust


Send someone the NbD. One email here, a conversation there, and a favor down the road. You build trust overtime.


Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #424: Beyoncé, the Platform Genius? 🤔

It's all about the customer, it always has been

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