Nearbound Daily #425: Mathematician or Not, Nearbound Math is Easy 🔢

Nearbound Daily #425: Mathematician or Not, Nearbound Math is Easy 🔢

Micaela Richmond 3 min

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Hierarchy of helping


There’s this concept called Dunbar’s Number that says humans have a cognitive limit on stable relationships. We can only have 150 relationships at a given time.


Subconsciously, your brain knows this, so it’s always doing a cost-benefit analysis.


Partner pros inherently want to help everyone, but according to Dunbar’s Number, you can’t.


Here’s a helpful framework for thinking about who should be prioritized.

  1. Who needs the help?

  2. Who needs the most help?

  3. Who wants the most help?

  4. Who is the most helpable?

  5. Who can benefit the most from my help?

Check out more discussion on the hierarchy of helping in this episode of the Nearbound Podcast

Nailing your Nearbound sales math


If you want 1/3 of your revenue to come from Nearbound, 1/3 of your activities need to be Nearbound activities.


Companies default to a mix of outbound and inbound strategies, but by leaving out Nearbound, they’re only hitting 67% of their revenue capacity.

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In this new economy, you’re not going to achieve 100% of revenue if your strategy only includes 2⁄3 of the picture. Outbound and inbound strategies are good, but they aren’t enough.


If you want to execute that partner attach rate of 33%, it all comes down to how you collaborate with your reps.


Identify the number of accounts that each of your reps has. Then define how many of those accounts need a partner attached to it.


Those accounts should be tracked and attributed to your Nearbound strategy.


Basically, what you’re doing is creating a Nearbound account list.


Learn more about Nearbound Sales math here.

Nearbound account list

Watch this 2-minute video to understand the state of B2B

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You are the resistance


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Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #425: Mathematician or Not, Nearbound Math is Easy 🔢

You can't help everyone. Find out who needs help the most.

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