Nearbound Daily #429: Weaving a nearbound fabric 🌐

Nearbound Daily #429: Weaving a nearbound fabric 🌐

Shawnie Hamer 3 min

Allison Munro, Chief Marketing & Ecosystem Officer at Vena Solutions, is speaking at the Nearbound Summit!


Last year, she was one of the few Chief Ecosystem Officers out there. Now that number is growing.


To put it in her words, "Marketing and ecosystem fit very nicely together." It’s time to build your Nearbound marketing strategy! Find out how. 

Framework vs. fabric

One of our rallying cries for the last year and a half has been, "Partnerships isn’t a department, but a strategy for every department."


Nearbound is how you leverage those partnerships to drive more revenue across all GTM teams. This means it’s bigger than a simple framework—it is (and should be) the fabric of a company. 

This isn’t going to happen overnight, but the more that each team layers nearbound’s power onto their existing motions to accomplish key objectives, the more it becomes an integral part of your company’s anatomy. 


Frameworks are important for imagining what’s possible. 


Turning those frameworks into habits is when they become a part of your organization’s fabric, and when they allow you to reach the next level.  

How do you attribute partner influence? 

Part of weaving nearbound into your company’s fabric is how you measure your success. Jared Fuller, Aaron McGarry, Sunir Shah, and Catie Moynihan recently duked it out over the ultimate partnership KPI at a Nearbound at Work session. 

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 13.34.45

Rewatch the battle here.


Partner attach took the gold over partner-sourced, but it’s not a one-size-fits-metric. This is what partner attach means for our speakers: 

Partner attach (6)

Read the full breakdown of the nearbound metrics battle in our latest article

Ecosystem-led marketing at Vena Solutions

Allison Munro recently shared 8 things she and Vena Solutions have learned in their first few months as an ecosystem-led marketing organization: 

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 13.45.03

Thanks for sharing your findings, Allison! 


Don’t miss Allison’s session at the Summit. Get your spot here

Stuff you don’t want to miss!

  • Join the official Nearbound Summit community brought to you by Partnership Leaders — Partnership leaders’ goal is to connect people interested in learning about partnerships around the world. Join here.

  • Oct 12th, 11:30 AM EST —Direct is Dying— Join two CMOs, Isaac Morehouse of Reveal and Pete Rawlinson of Allbound, for a 30-minute discussion diving into the implications of a pivot from direct to partner-led demand generation. Register here.

  • October 18th —Firneo Partner Strategy Forum (Day 1): How to Fix Your Broken Partner Program— Learn how to fix the root cause of your partner program’s biggest challenges. Register here

  • October 25th —Firneo Partner Strategy Forum (Day 2):  How to Prioritize the RIGHT Partners— Learn how to make sure you’re investing your (limited) resources in partners that will generate a meaningful. Register here

  • November 1st —Firneo Partner Strategy Forum (Day 3): How to Get Executive Buy-In for Partnerships— Learn how to secure resources & support from key stakeholders that are critical to partnership success. Register here

  • November 6th-9th —Nearbound Summit 2023— The future of GTM is Nearbound. Join us for the biggest-ever remote experience in GTM where B2B leaders across departments unite to share how they’re winning with Nearbound strategies and tactics. Register here.

  • April 19th-20th –SaaS Connect 2023– It’s that time of year again! Get your spot early for the 11th annual partnership conference in San Francisco, hosted by Cloud Software Association. Register here. 

Marketing Day at The Nearbound Summit 

Join Allison, Kathleen Booth, Chris Walker, and more at the Nearbound Summit. Get your spot today!

Allison Munro - Marketing Day

Shawnie Hamer 3 min

Nearbound Daily #429: Weaving a nearbound fabric 🌐

Nearbound is how you leverage those partnerships to drive more revenue across all GTM teams.

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