Nearbound Daily #445: The Summit keynote breakdown 😎

Nearbound Daily #445: The Summit keynote breakdown 😎

Micaela Richmond 4 min

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Sales Day at the Summit will feature Mark Roberge, Sam Yarborough, Scott Leese, Will Allred, Latané Conant, Cindy Zu, Henry Schuck, and many more!


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The keynote breakdown

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Here’s a snapshot of sessions to check out at the Nearbound Summit based on some common questions GTM leaders have about nearbound: 


🤔 How do I start nearbound?

👥  How do I get other teams bought in on nearbound?

*Bonus: get your teams to come to the Summit by using this free deck.*


⚒️ How do I execute nearbound?

🌐 How to connect nearbound and the larger market?



Have specific questions you’d like answered at the Summit? Reply to this email with a brief summary and we’ll send you our session recommendations. 

Are you feelin’ the hype?!

Don’t wait until the Summit to start pumping up the hype. Crank the official Nearbound Summit playlist and get the party started early! 


P.S. We will send a free pair of custom Nikes to the person who posts the best video of them jamming to the playlist on LinkedIn. 🎸 

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Did someone say magic?! 🎩

Grandmaster Ademola will be doing magic LIVE at the Nearbound Summit.


Never seen virtual magic before? Prepare to be amazed.

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Don’t miss Adem and Will’s shenanigans at the Summit. 

Stuff you don’t want to miss!

  • Join the official Nearbound Summit community brought to you by Partnership Leaders — Partnership leaders’ goal is to connect people interested in learning about partnerships around the world. Join here.

  • Nov 8th, 2 PM EST —How to Navigate a Nascent Partner Ecosystem— Join Jules Birchler (Head of Business Development at Zapata) and Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) as they venture into the great unknown of emerging markets. Register here.

  • November 6th-9th —Nearbound Summit 2023— The future of GTM is Nearbound. Join us for the biggest-ever remote experience in GTM where B2B leaders across departments unite to share how they’re winning with Nearbound strategies and tactics. Register here.

  • Enroll before November 14th —PXP Academy Partner Manager Certification Course— Join the interactive learning session that equips you with everything you need to be successful in your daily job as an operational Partner person. Register here.

  • November 16th —Elevate Your Presale GTM with Tech Partners— Learn from industry experts like Kelly Sarabyn (HubSpot), Jared Fuller( and Reveal), Sunir Shah (AppBind), and Alexander Buckles (Forecastable). Evolve your GTM strategy with tech partners. Register here. 

  • Enroll by November 17th —Firneo’s Mastering Partnerships Strategy (4-week course)— Registration is now open! Learn how to diagnose and solve your partner program’s biggest challenges from the world’s top partnership leaders. Use the code "NEARBOUND" for a 1:1 Strategy Coaching package (worth $1,000) for FREE. Enroll (or check out a free preview) here  

Let’s win together 

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Micaela Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #445: The Summit keynote breakdown 😎

The Summit keynote breakdown

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