Nearbound Daily #446: ⚡ Get the Most Outta Nearbound Startup Day

Nearbound Daily #446: ⚡ Get the Most Outta Nearbound Startup Day

Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Startup

The Nearbound Summit 2023 officially kicks off in less than 3 hours!


No time to waste. Register and share the summit. There’s something for every department!

Design your nearbound startup day experience 🎨


Today we’re bringing together top VCs, CEOs, and founders to deep-dive into what it means to weave nearbound into the fabric of your company.


So take the problems you’ve been facing, read through the agenda, and craft your perfect Nearbound Startup Day experience.


Here’s everything we have planned for you today…



11:00 AM ET — 👀 Nearbound Networking


12:00 PM ET — Nearbound and the Rise 📈 of the ’Why’ Economy with Jared Fuller


12:30 PM ET — 🔌 GTM Unplugged: 5 Easy-to-Use Frameworks that make GTM simple with Sangram Vajre and Lindsay Cordell 


1:00 PM ET — Alliances: Becoming a Number 1 App Partner as a Startup 😎with Marc Ginsberg, Mike Stocker, and Madelyn WIng


1:30 PM ET — Nearbound Starts With You 💪 : Why Personal Networks are the Backbone of the ’Who’ Economy with Mac Reddin


2:00 PM ET — 🛠️ Build, Buy, or Partner: How to Navigate Strategic Growth Decisions with Laura Padilla, R.J. Filipski, and Iris Ng


2:30 PM ET — Venture Capital 🏦 Through the Nearbound Lens with Justin Gray, Josh Wagner, and Sean Kester


3:00 PM ET — Partnerships as a Path to Acquisition 💫 with Andrew Gazdecki


3:30 PM ET — 🙌 Collaborative Growth: Building a Fast-Growth, High Margin Business through Partnerships with Peter Caputa


4:00 PM ET — Play Bigger 👊 with Nearbound: A Conversation with the Best-Selling Author of "Play Bigger," Kevin Maney


4:30 PM ET — How Far Are We Into the ’Decade of Ecosystems?’ 🤔 with Jay McBain


5:00 PM ET — 👏 The Top 10 Biggest Mistakes I See Revenue Leaders Making in 2023/2024 with Jason Lemkin


5:30 PM ET — The 2023 ’Boundie Awards’ LIVE 🏆


Make this event your own!

Screen Recording 2023-11-03 at 01.18.18 PM

Use your Nearbound Summit 2023 workbook like a pro⚡


Behind every great architectural feat was a builder who knew his/her tools.


The difference between an amateur and a pro is a pro spends time using and exploring every tool so that eventually each enhances his or her capabilities.


The swing of any great craftswoman’s hammer will tell you, she has complete control over this tool. It works for her benefit.


This workbook is a tool you can use to plan a monumental 2024.


Don’t wait until the last minute to get to know your tools. If you want to get the most from the summit, take the time and explore.


Have you outlined your must-attend sessions?

Have you filled in your pre-summit questions?

Have you followed all of the speakers?

Do you have questions you could get speakers to answer LIVE?


Check out all of the people who are already digging into their workbooks! 

NB Summit Workbook love

See you soon 👀


We’ve been prepping the Nearbound Summit house all weekend. And now we’re ready for the biggest virtual event in B2B GTM.


Are you?


Click here to watch a special bonus Nearbound Summit 2023 hype trailer.


One simple ask.


Share the summit with someone who NEEDS to attend. It’s 4 days, 80+ incredible speakers, with tracks for every department.


Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #446: ⚡ Get the Most Outta Nearbound Startup Day

The summit just started. Don’t miss out on Startup Day’s best conversations!

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