Nearbound Daily #447: 😏 Double-Trouble at the Nearbound Summit

Nearbound Daily #447: 😏 Double-Trouble at the Nearbound Summit

Micaela Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Product & Success

What a kickstart to the Nearbound Summit! Yesterday was incredible and we’re only just getting started!


Join today for Nearbound Product Day and Nearbound Success Day. And share the agenda with your product and success teams!

Double the fun, double the learnings


If you thought day one was incredible, get ready for 2X the fun with Nearbound Product and Nearbound Success!


In the morning some of B2B’s top product leaders will share how they leverage their ecosystem to empower users with tools and resources that increase trust and connections.


And in the afternoon a group of the world’s best success leaders will share how they’re prioritizing retention by surrounding the customer experience with nearbound.


If you haven’t shared today’s agenda with your product and success leaders, do it now. (They’ll fangirl over these speakers, I promise!)


Here’s what’s planned for nearbound product day!


11:00 AM ET — Nearbound networking


12:00 PM ET — Unleashing the Power of Partnerships: Driving Product Innovation and Performance 🚀 with Katie Landaal and Sophie Cheng


12:30 PM ET — How Our Product Team 👩‍💻 is Thinking About Partnerships in 2024 with Simon Bouchez


1:00 PM ET — How PRMs Have Been Doing Things Wrong 👀 with Peter Rawlinson and Ornella Nardi


1:30 PM ET — Partner-Led 👣 Product Strategy with Bryan Williams and Ben Wright


1:30 PM ET — Why You Must Integrate to Differentiate ✨ Your Product (and How) with Alexis Petrichos


2:00 PM ET — Building in an Ecosystem 🔨 : Why hapily is Shipping Products Entirely on HubSpot with Scott Brinker and Connor Jeffers


2:00 PM ET — 🗺️ An Ecosystem Strategy to Evolve from a Product to a Platform with Kenny Browne and Cody Sunkel


2:30 PM ET — Platform Vs. Product 🤔 : How Product and Partner Teams Can Shape the Future of an Ecosystem with Karen Ng and Kelly Sarabyn


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And the excitement continues with nearbound success day!


3:00 PM ET — You Work for the Customer 💪 : Remembering the ’Why’ of Partnerships with Jill Rowley


3:30 PM ET — Bringing Champions Into Your Nearbound GTM 🏆 with Jeff Reekers


3:30 PM ET — Empty Platform Promises 👊 : Delivering on 1 + 1 = 3 with Chris Trudeau and Russell Dwyer


4:00 PM ET — How to Attach 👥 Partners to Customers so Everyone WIns with Jen Spencer and Rich Gardner


4:30 PM ET — How to Align Your Success Team with Your Partners 🏁 with Bruno Yoffe and Sunir Shah


5:00 PM ET — The 7 Deadly Sins 😵 of Customer Success in the Nearbound Era with Mark Kosoglow and Kevin Chiu


5:30 PM ET — Gain, Grow, Retain LIVE at the Nearbound Summit 🎤 with Jay Nathan, Jeff Breunsbach, Jared Fuller, and Isaac Morehouse


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Uniting departments for electric ⚡ conversations


Since the beginning of the nearbound movement, we’ve noted how incredible the momentum feels. "Unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my entire career," claims Isaac Morehouse.


Yesterday proved that to be true. 


It was a meeting of minds, a uniting of the ecosystem. 


Legends like Jason Lemkin, Sangram Vajre, Lindsay Cordell, Peter Caputa, and more came together with the brightest in the ecosystem. 


Read just a few conversations happening in the comments.


3 days left to join in!

Nearbound Startup Chat

And your ’Boundies winners are... 🏆


Yesterday we announced your 2023 ’Boundies winners LIVE.


Nearbound Champion of the Year:

Kelly Sarabyn, Platform Ecosystem Advocate at HubSpot


Nearbound Collab of the Year:

Concierge Everywhere, by Chili Piper, G2, Ada, Chameleon, Snappy, and Partner Fleet


Nearbound Rookie of the Year:

Coriena Merejo, Global Channel Program Manager at Pipedrive


Nearbound Rookie (company) of the Year:

Supered, CEO Matt Bolian


Congratulations to all nominees and winners!


YOU make the ecosystem go round.

Boundies Winners 2023

3 days left to share & win 👟


Only 3 days left to win a limited edition Nearbound Summit 2023 t-shirt and Nikes. Share the summit with someone who wouldn’t want to miss it!


Register now

Micaela Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #447: 😏 Double-Trouble at the Nearbound Summit

Double the fun, double the learnings

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