Nearbound Daily #448: πŸ‘Š A Never-Before-Seen Lineup of Top Marketers

Nearbound Daily #448: πŸ‘Š A Never-Before-Seen Lineup of Top Marketers

Micaela Richmond 4 min

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Never have I ever...


Heard Chris Walker, Sidney Waterfall, Kipp Bodnar, Kieran Flanagan, Harry Mack, Vinay Bhagat, Kathleen Booth, Sam Jacobs, Daniel Murray, Allison Munro, and Adam Ryan unite, LIVE, at the same event. 😱


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Get the secrets to marketing ’with’ your target audience, today


Nearbound marketing day is HERE!


Gone are the days of β€˜marketing to’ buyers. They’re tuning out. Nearbound marketers surround buyers with voices they trust.


Learn how to be a nearbound marketer from the very best in the business.


Step one: Scan through the agenda

Step two: Decide on your must-attend sessions

Step three: Write notes and engage in the chat

Step four: Sign up for nearbound networking on marketing day

Step five: Connect with these leaders on LinkedIn and tell them thank you πŸ˜‰


(Steps 3-5 are where nearbound marketing comes together! Do the things that don’t scale.)


 11:00 AM ET β€” Nearbound networking 


12:00 PM ET β€” The End of the Demand Waterfall β›² with Chris Walker and Sidney Waterfall


12:30 PM ET β€” Nearbound Surround πŸ’‘ : How to Reach Buyers in the ’Who’ Economy with Isaac Morehouse


1:00 PM ET β€” The Journey to Chief Marketing and Ecosystem Officer 😎 with Allison Munro and Jill Rowley 


1:00 PM ET β€” People Trust People πŸ‘ˆ : How to Drive Pipeline with Personalities with Adam Ryan and Daniel Murray 


1:30 PM ET β€” How to Scale Revenue πŸ“ˆ Through Pay-for-Performance Partnerships with Michael Cole and Adam Glazer


2:00 PM ET β€” Biggest Problem in GTM πŸ‘€ : Lack of a Unified Operating Model with Sam Jacobs and Kathleen Booth 


2:30 PM ET β€” Event-Led Growth: Partner Events at Scale πŸ€“ with Justin Zimmerman


2:30 PM ET β€” Revenue Renaissance 🎨 : Why Marketing & Partnerships Will Lead Revenue in 2024 with Tyler Calder


3:00 PM ET β€” The Data Is In πŸ”’ : It’s About ’Who’ Not ’How’ with Vinay Bhagat


3:30 PM ET β€” How People-First GTM and Nearbound Will Forever Change πŸ‘ How You Grow Pipeline and Revenue with Nick Bennett and Mark Kilens


4:00 PM ET β€” What is Nearbound Social?πŸ“± with Logan Lyles


4:00 PM ET β€” The 3 Best Event Types for Driving Revenue πŸ’Έ with Kate Hammitt and Emily Wilkes


4:30 PM ET β€” The Future of ABM πŸ€– : How to Elevate Your GTM Strategy with Intent Data & AI with Deeksha Taneja and Yiz Segall


5:00 PM ET β€” LIVE Freestyle Performance by Harry Mack πŸŽ™οΈ


5:30 PM ET β€” Marketing Against the Grain 🎀 LIVE at the Nearbound Summit with Kipp Bodnar, Kieran Flanagan, Jared Fuller, and Isaac Morehouse


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Take me to Marketing Day

We’re escaping the echo chamber πŸ‘‚


I was backstage with Pete Rawlinson and Ornella Nardi yesterday before their session and I asked Pete, 


"You’ve been in the channel and partnerships world for a long time. What has changed in the last 1-2 years?"


He told me,


"Sometimes it feels like we’re in an echo chamber. This event, the nearbound narrative, and the momentum I’ve seen recently all tell me that we’re not. There’s something more going on."


Then, he summed it up in a post this morning.


"The groundswell is impressive...the ecosystem is emerging."


Join in on the momentum today with nearbound marketing day!

Nearbound Product LinkedIn

Tune in LIVE for cross-pod takeovers 🎀


Yesterday β€” Gain, Grow, Retain


Hosts of one of the biggest success podcasts, Jay Nathan and Jeff Breunsbach joined Jared and Isaac to discuss nearbound success and its implications.


TODAY β€” Marketing Against the Grain


The CMOs of HubSpot and Zapier, Kipp Bodnar and Kieran Flanagan, chat with Jared and Isaac about nearbound marketing, trends, and the future of marketing!


Tomorrow β€” 30 Minutes to President’s Club


Tomorrow join Nick Cegelski, Armand Farrokh, and Jared Fuller to learn about nearbound sales and the moment.


Hear these conversations first.


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Micaela Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #448: πŸ‘Š A Never-Before-Seen Lineup of Top Marketers

Get the secrets to marketing 'with' your target audience, today

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