Nearbound Daily #449: 🏆 Your Golden Ticket to President's Club

Nearbound Daily #449: 🏆 Your Golden Ticket to President's Club

Micaela Richmond 4 min

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Want to know how to hit quota every single time? Learn from the people who have already been there. 


Speakers like Mark Roberge, Cory Bray, Scott Leese, and Jill Rowley have already been to your promised land. And they’re giving you all the secrets, LIVE. Join in on the sessions, share them with a friend, and learn how become a next-level seller.

President’s club awaits 💫


It’s your last day to attend the Nearbound Summit 2023 LIVE for nearbound sales day.


Today you’ll learn how top sellers action ecosystem intel, influence, and introductions to close bigger deals faster. 


They’ll give you actionable playbooks, templates, and frameworks. 


Today is for every seller who wants to learn the magic behind every top saleswoman or salesman’s biggest deals. 


Pick out the most interesting sessions and attend LIVE!


Here’s what today’s agenda has in store for you:


11:00 AM ET — Nearbound networking 👋


12:00 PM ET — The Challenge 😎 for CROs Thinking Nearbound with Mark Roberge


12:30 PM ET — Why Sales Teams Need 💪 Nearbound with Bobby Napiltonia and Jared Fuller


1:00 PM ET — When the Buzzword Meets the Road 🚙 : Does Co-Selling Have to Be So Hard? with Sam Yarborough, Stephanie Pennell, Xiaofei Zhang, and Rasheité Calhoun


1:30 PM ET — 📈 Operational Rigor in the Nearbound Era with Cindy Zu and Graham Younger


2:00 PM ET — When Partner Attach Goes Wrong 🤔 and How to Coach Your Way Out of It with Aaron McGarry and Cory Bray


2:00 PM ET — Level Up Your 2024 Results 🙌 : The Big Partner Bet with Judd Borakove


2:30 PM ET — Go-to-Network 👥 & the 3 Nearbound Sales Plays with Scott Leese


3:00 PM ET — 💫 Real Templates You Can Use to Run Nearbound Sales Today with Will Allred and Jared Fuller


3:30 PM ET — The Antidote to More 👩‍⚕️ : How Nearbound Rewrites the Better Together Story with Latané Conant


4:00 PM ET — Public Ecosystems and Private Ecosystems 👨‍💻 with Harbinder Khera


4:30 PM ET — Turning Your Company’s Network Into Pipeline 💰 with Joshua Perk


4:30 PM ET — Phone a Friend 📞 : How Nearbound Social Warms Up Cold Calls with Daisy Chung, Avi Mesh, and Adam Sockel


5:00 PM ET — Beyond the Data: Henry Schuck’s Journey from Bootstrapped to Billions 😱 with Henry Schuck


5:30 PM ET — 30 Minutes to President’s Club LIVE 👊 at the Nearbound Summit with Armand Farrokh, Nick Cegelski, and Jared Fuller

Screen Recording 2023-11-03 at 04.06.58 PM

Take me to Sales day

Epic moments you won’t find anywhere else 💥


The Nearbound Summit isn’t another webinar. It’s a virtual experience.


One you have to experience to understand.


Join today for the last day of LIVE conversations.


p.s. If you don’t come for the live conversations or incredible speakers, how about the magic, the raps, and the B2B banter?


Did you watch the epic Jill Rowley introduction 😱


We don’t have a thing on H-Mack, but this rap was epic!


"We have with us today... 

The Eloqueen
The Mother of Marketing Automation
The Savant of Social Selling who put the practice on the map
The Nearbound Navigator
The Customer Champion
The Gadfly of Go-To-Market

Don’t put her in a box, she’ll break free of all your locks

You can call her a queen, but when it comes down to it, no one matches her networKING

My mentor, my beloved battle buddy, partner on the path to the partnerships promised land…
fighting the good fight… to put the customer at the CENTER of everything we do….

NEARBOUND SUMMIT ’23, kicking off Success Day



Join us today for more epic moments like this!

(7) jill rowley Search LinkedIn 2023-11-09 at 9.57.57 AM

Share with the greatest sellers in your life


You know who I’m talkin’ about. The ones you can always count on, who go above and beyond for their customers. 


Register now

Micaela Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #449: 🏆 Your Golden Ticket to President's Club

President's club awaits 💫

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