Nearbound Daily #480: Unleash the Power of Your Ecosystem

Nearbound Daily #480: Unleash the Power of Your Ecosystem

Micaela Richmond 3 min

Intelligence > Information


You want intelligence, not information.


Latané Conant (CRO at 6Sense) made the point regarding data capture in a post,

Some revenue teams get sidetracked by amassing huge amounts of data (information) without having a way to distill it into intelligence they can use.

If you’re a partner pro, the same applies to you. First, make sure you’re collecting data, then make sure you can turn your data into intelligence.

  • Can you tell a story with your data?

  • Can you help your sellers, marketers, or CS people take action with your data?

  • Can you make better partner decisions because of your data?

Here’s an additional tip from Latané → use AI to turn the overload of information into intelligence.

intelligence versus info


The understated power of ecosystem orchestration


10 years ago we lived in a simpler world.


Simpler solutions.

Simpler processes.

Simpler strategies.


As the industry has evolved, we’ve seen technology improve and customers demand more from their solutions.


In one of my favorite books, The Third Wave by Steve Case, he says, “The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stone. It ended because we invented something better.”


The ecosystem is our something better. It’s how we’re going to offer customers the fastest, easiest, most integrated solutions…ever.


I took this thought to my good friend Zoë Kelly from 360insights and she shared an incredible piece they recently published — Rethinking Your Tech Stack for Ecosystem Orchestration.


It’s worth a read.


In it, the 360insights team explains why ecosystem orchestration is the solution to this increasingly complex world of ecosystems:

Effective ecosystem orchestration aligns the various elements [and personas] in an ecosystem to achieve a unified vision and propel collective success in the dynamic marketplace.

Without ecosystem orchestration, the ecosystem isn’t unified or integrated. There are many moving pieces with nothing to hold them together. 


Everything’s gotten more complex.


For example, in the piece they highlight the personas that used to be involved in indirect channel interactions, versus those that are involved in ecosystems today.



  • Manufacturers

  • Channel Partners

  • Sales Representatives

  • Partner Account Managers


  • Partners

  • Customers

  • Sales Professionals

  • Marketing Professionals 

  • Partner Managers

  • Product Managers

  • Technology Specialists

  • Operations and Supply Chain Professionals

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Executives and Leadership 

  • Influencers

That’s triple the personas.


Ecosystem orchestration is how we’re going to build big, strong, value-driving ecosystems!


Read the download here and catch up on Allan Adler’s columns on ecosystem orchestration here.




A crystal ball would be nice right about now...



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Expand the ecosystem


Ecosystems become more powerful when people are added.

Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #480: Unleash the Power of Your Ecosystem

Intelligence > Information

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