Nearbound Daily #511: How Negar Nikaeein Manages Partnership Chaos

Nearbound Daily #511: How Negar Nikaeein Manages Partnership Chaos

Ella Richmond 3 min

Tried, failed, back to the old playbook

Well we’ve tried partners but they failed.

Those are the famous last words of a senior exec who’s decided to go all-in on an old playbook.


She tried partnerships once, but the leads never went anywhere and the whole “partnerships thing” put a bad taste in her mouth.


Ever heard a story like this?


Rob Sale (Head of Partnerships and Country Manager at Six & Flow) shared why this common story frustrates him.

  • There was no better-together story

  • There was no enablement

  • There was no nearbound GTM

Without a better-together story or enablement on how people can tap into nearbound revenue potential, partnerships can’t succeed at scale.


And more often than not, the leads and potential deals just sit there and no one’s convinced that partnerships can become more effective.


So, if you meet an exec who’s opposed to partnerships, approach the assertion with curiosity.


I bet there are some partnership misconceptions behind that argument.

2 exercises to stop swimming in chaos


Partner pros are swimming in decisions and it feels like mayhem.


They’re chasing opportunities, trying to optimize existing partnerships, trying to get their GTM teams excited about partnerships, and trying to prove value all at the same time.


It’s a lot.


One of the biggest questions partner pros ask each other is: How do you manage your day? How do you choose what to prioritize?


Negar Nikaeein (Senior Channel Partner Manager of Strategic Alliances at PartnerStack) shared two exercises that have helped her have stress-free weekends.


1) Friday Review


Every Friday, Negar blocks an hour of her time to review her past week and prepare for her upcoming week.


For her past week, she:

  • Writes out everything she did throughout the week.

  • Goes through the emails she sent out.

  • Reminds herself of the emails she needs to send out.

  • Reflects on the calls she had that week and their results.

  • Determines if any follow-ups need to be made.

  • Ask herself: Is there anything else still up in the air

For her upcoming week, she:

  • Outlines her calls and determines if any need preparation.

  • Reviews project deadlines and the coming week’s top projects.

  • Determines the communication she needs to prioritize on Monday.

It only takes about an hour to break down her week, and by the end of it, she knows she’s not forgetting anything.


It gives her permission to enjoy the weekend and come into Monday morning energized.


2) Priority Review


Negar’s Friday review gives her a complete breakdown of her week while the priority review narrows the focus into a few key initiatives.


She asks herself two questions:

  1. What are my biggest priorities for the upcoming week?

  2. What opportunities are already in play?

Maybe she needs to talk to or coach some of her AEs. Maybe she should be expecting updates on a project. Maybe she needs to get involved in a project.


This zoomed-out perspective helps her see where she might have gaps to fill.


Most partner pros get used to a constant state of overwhelm and anxiety, but as Negar and many others realize, it’s not sustainable.


Take a breath.

Take a step back.

And learn from the people who have been where you are, and have found a way out.


Try Negar’s exercises and see if they help!


And check out Negar on the Howdy Partners podcast with Will Taylor.

Are you giving your partners a first-class experience?

Whether you’re in favor of partner portals or against them, no one argues that partner experience is important.


Shoutout to Efe Senel for the meme!


Take a breath and forward this email

This email could help a friend. Forward it to them!

Ella Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #511: How Negar Nikaeein Manages Partnership Chaos

Partner pros feel like they're swimming in mayhem. Here's a weekly practice from Negar Nikaeein to help you get grounded and organized.

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