Nearbound Daily #533: Inside Story: HubSpot Wasn't Always Partner-Centric

Nearbound Daily #533: Inside Story: HubSpot Wasn't Always Partner-Centric

Ella Richmond 4 min

Today’s Daily is inspired by NEARBOUND and the Rise of the Who Economy by Jared Fuller. Get your copy on Amazon today.

The nearbound triad

The nearbound triad is formed of three C’s: curiosity, courage, and conviction.


Curiosity is the initial spark.


It’s a relentless drive and an interest in the unknown that compels individuals to tackle challenges head-on and delve deep into complexities that deter others. 


Courage is more than bravery.


It’s the audacity to step into the unknown, make decisive choices, and face potential failures with a defiant smile, ready to confront whatever comes.


Conviction is a virtue found in the rarest of leaders.


It’s not just a guiding principle but a force that draws others in and propels its holder with relentless momentum. When you have conviction, you are willing to “die on that hill,” consequences be damned.


This triad forms the core of the nearbound mindset, essential for anyone aiming for true transformation.


Where do you think you stand?

HubSpot, Peter Caputa, and courage

HubSpot is one of our favorite examples of a company that recognized the strategic power of partnerships early on, but what most people don’t know is that one of the key people behind HubSpot’s partner DNA is Peter Caputa, CEO of Databox.


This is the story of how Pete Caputa grew HubSpot’s agency partner program from $0 to $100M in ARR, bringing a transformative impact not only for HubSpot but also for the entire marketing services industry.


Before Pete joined HubSpot as one of its first 20 employees, he was already immersed in the agency world—nurturing a growing curiosity about the transformative potential of technology and content marketing for agencies.


He began selling to agencies until HubSpot’s CEO Brian Halligan told him to stop, citing concerns about the agencies’ high churn rate not aligning with HubSpot’s ICP.


But Pete didn’t stop selling to agencies.


He knew the risk but continued (with some support from HubSpot legend and manager Dan Tyre).


The outcome? He quadrupled his sales quota in a single quarter and laid the foundation for what became a $100M agency program, the likes of which HubSpot had never seen.


Looking at HubSpot now, it’d be easy to assume it started out partner-centric because of its founders, Dharmesh and Brian. When, in fact, it was Pete’s willingness to embrace risk for what he believed that led to everything we now know HubSpot’s program to be.


That’s the opportunity that exists for every partner leader today.


Pete wasn’t a partner leader, but he believed in the power of partnerships and dared to stake his job on it. Not everyone has what it takes to do that, but if you do, it makes you that much more legendary.


It starts with curiosity, then courage, and only a few make it to conviction.


Get your copy of the nearbound book to learn about HubSpot’s partner strategy and the HubSpot partner flywheel.

How partner data can drive revenue

HubSpot lives and breathes nearbound. In less than 10 days, HubSpot’s hosting an event with a hand-picked panel of experts.


Kelly Sarabyn (Head of HubSpot’s Product Partnerships and Enablement and Advocacy Team), Jill Rowley (Head of Strategy and Evangelism at Reveal), Elliot Smith (Head of Partnerships at 6Sense), Mary Vue (VP of Marketing and Partnerships at Syncari), and Mike O’Neil (VP of Partner Sales at Box).


Learn how to accelerate sales processes and open up new business development opportunities through operationalizing partner data.


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Webinar Running Nearbound Ops How Partner Data Can Drive Revenue 2024-03-06 at 7.02.50 AM

Looking back, the battle seems small

When you’re in the thick of it, the battle seems HUGE, but time will give you perspective.


In a few months, it’ll feel small.


In a few years, it’ll feel tiny.


If you’re fighting an internal battle today, remember that.


Thanks, Chris Donnelly for the visual!

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Contagious courage 😆

Share today’s daily with a partner pro who needs the motivation.

Ella Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #533: Inside Story: HubSpot Wasn't Always Partner-Centric

HubSpot is one of my favorite examples of a company that recognized the strategic power of partnerships early on. Here's how they got there.

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