Nearbound Daily #549: Atlassian's Missed Ecosystem Opportunity

Nearbound Daily #549: Atlassian's Missed Ecosystem Opportunity

Ella Richmond 5 min

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The way networks run your life

Networks work in a give-and-take fashion.





“You are not just the recipient of value from your network. The people and nodes in your network want and expect an exchange from you, too. They want you to validate them and support them.” James Currier, General Partner at NfX


Everyone is affected, daily by the networks in their lives.


All networks want something from you and are proactively guiding you down a path.


That’s why it’s important which people make up your network.


image (2048×1093) 2024-03-26 at 3.07.49 PM


The gravity of your network is no joke. It influences your decisions, your success, and everything else infinitely more than we realize.


So, when you ask yourself what the value of building your networks is, think about this:

  • The network of companies you surround yourself with

  • The network of partner pros you build

  • The network of professionals you establish relationships with

  • Double down on curating a network that makes it easier to win, not harder.


And read this article by NfX for more on networks.




Build stronger networks with the power of "social selling"

“Social selling” is about using social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter to forge genuine connections with buyers, influencers, and decision-makers.


Most people view social media as advertising and promotion channels, but social selling (done right) is about nurturing relationships within your sales funnel through ongoing conversations.


Social selling isn’t about capturing demand. It’s about creating it.


According to the Queen of Social Selling, Jill Rowley, authentic social selling is grounded in five pillars.


1. Personal credibility

The only way to gain credibility is through hundreds of interactions over time.

Top social sellers aren’t just pressing “post” on self-promotional content and then going about their day; they’re consistently creating opportunities to have conversations that give to and engage the community.

2. Always be connecting


Foster connections that go beyond transactions. Social selling thrives on the breadth and depth of your network.

3. Content is currency


Content is the currency of engagement. The quality, relevance, and consistency of your content dictate your success in building and sustaining relationships.

4. Social listening


Amplifying others requires first listening deeply. Tune into the needs and voices of your audience for targeted engagement.

5. Measurement


Social sellers track two types of metrics: vanity and value. Vanity metrics are the metrics LinkedIn tracks. Value metrics are the numbers you’ll find inside of your CRM. Both, together, are necessary.


Use these five pillars to build a stronger network and become a remarkable social seller.


Read more like this and get the Nearbound Social Playbook only in Nearbound and the Rise of the Who Economy available now on Amazon.




Atlassian’s missed ecosystem opportunity

Jill Rowley recently talked with a big Atlassian partner and guess what?


She learned Atlassian’s not as partner-centric as others in the industry.


(4) Feed LinkedIn 2024-03-27 at 5.58.00 PM

She continued in the post,


"Unlike companies like HubSpot, Salesforce, and ServiceNow who report on revenue generated for partners, Atlassian’s more focused on the revenue they generate for themselves.


And worse, this award-winning Atlassian partner told me that Atlassian does little to help partners in their ecosystem connect with each other.


Partners organically connect with each other behind the scenes because customers demand it.


This seems like a huge missed opportunity for Atlassian."


Read the post and join in on the comments here.


Atlassian’s ecosystem at $1B.





A sweet partnerships

Krispy Kreme and McDonalds are partnering up to sweeten McDonalds breakfasts.


Three of Krispy Kreme’s most popular doughnuts will be delivered fresh to McDonald’s restaurants every day. They’ll be available individually, or in boxes of six, starting at breakfast and lasting throughout the day – while supplies last.


The two companies began the partnership with a pilot.


This follows a successful test at 160 McDonald’s restaurants in the Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky areas where consumer excitement and demand exceeded expectations.


And, upon the success of the pilot, decided to roll it out to all ends of the country.


“The top request we receive from consumers, every day, is, ‘please bring Krispy Kreme to my town.’ Partnering with McDonald’s on a national scale will provide our fans and doughnut lovers unprecedented daily access to fresh doughnuts and the joy that is Krispy Kreme,” — Krispy Kreme President and CEO Josh Charlesworth


What this partnership does well:

  • Strong better-together story

  • Expands Krispy Kreme to new geographies

  • Brings loyal Krispy Kreme customers to McDonald’s

Read more.






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You’re all caught up.



See you tomorrow.



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Ella Richmond 5 min

Nearbound Daily #549: Atlassian's Missed Ecosystem Opportunity

In 2020, Atlassian’s Platform and Ecosystem was valuated at $1 Billion. Today, they’re at $3 Billion. Their goal is $10 Billion. However, a recent revelation suggests an obstacle to their growth.

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