Nearbound Daily #553: The Convenient Age of SaaS Is Over

Nearbound Daily #553: The Convenient Age of SaaS Is Over

Ella Richmond 4 min

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Do you score your partners?

Most partner pros I talk to have a problem with prioritization—which partners or opportunities should I lean into, which ones should I let go of?


Rob Sale (Head of Partnerships and Country Manager at Six and Flow) was chatting with Maveen Kaur (Growth Marketer at Six and Flow) and he explained that one of the most effective things he and his team do is score their partners.


Here’s the information they score:

  • Do they have a program?

  • How mature is the program?

  • How well resourced is the program?

  • What kind of focus does this company have on the program?

  • Overall TAM?

  • Tech stack?

  • Is our roadmap aligned?

  • Executive relationships?

  • Account mapping—overlaps, total addressable revenue potential

They do the diligence of getting these answers early and don’t have to be surprised later on when there’s a big red flag in their partnership.


Watch the full conversation.



Convenient age of SaaS = over

After the Nearbound Podcast with Jacco Van Der Kooj, I went on a little hunt trying to learn more from him.


I stumbled upon two resources you might enjoy:

  • Toni Hohlbein’s Substack called The Revenue Letter

  • The GTM Consortium, a group of the best in GTM looking to set a new research-backed standard

Toni welcomed Jacco on his podcast to talk about the state of SaaS today.

According to [Jacco] we’re going to look back at this coming year and say it had one of the biggest impacts on our lives.

Jacco believes that SaaS at the moment is going through (at least) 4 rapid changes. And what’s worse, it’s happening at the same time, and the speed with which these changes are happening and the scale of impact they are having is beyond any comprehension.

  1. Technological changes

  2. Cultural changes

  3. VC industry-wide changes

  4. Buyer behavior changes

The golden age of SaaS is over.


Jacco believes that means two things for every SaaS company out there:


1.You need to understand the parts of the factory that work together


2. You need to understand the production lines that work (and those that don’t)

Here’s what we see: Lots of people are spending too much money on GTM motions that are not producing enough revenue. That also means we’re not spending enough on GTM motions that are actually generating growth.

Check out the podcast and The GTM Consortium, a project by Pavillion, Winning by Design, and GTM Partners. 



Just a lil’ perspective on partnerships

Franz-Josef Schrepf put together a list of his favorite resources in partnerships for anyone looking to break into partnerships.


Franz LI


The list was great, but what really struck me was this comment.


Franz LI Comment


In less than 4 years there has been an EXPLOSION in partner content.


I mean, even looking back 2 years ago when PartnerHacker first began, we’ve seen a huge shift in the content and opportunities available to partner professionals.


For any of you out there wondering whether partnerships is the right place to be...yes, the moment is now.


The decade of the ecosystem is here, and partner pros have the opportunity to become the heroes.



Stuff you don’t want to miss!

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  • Nearbound Summit 2023 Recordings—The future of GTM is Nearbound. Watch the recordings to hear how B2B leaders across departments unite with Nearbound strategies and tactics. Listen here.

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Ella Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #553: The Convenient Age of SaaS Is Over

People are spending too much money on GTM motions that are not producing enough revenue. That also means we’re not spending enough on GTM motions that are actually generating growth.

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