Nearbound Daily #562: How Oneflow Saw a 190% Surge in HubSpot-related Opportunities

Nearbound Daily #562: How Oneflow Saw a 190% Surge in HubSpot-related Opportunities

Ella Richmond 5 min

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What you put in, you get out


Every company is after the same gold: a portion of an ecosystem’s revenue.


But here’s the secret many partner professionals and executives don’t want to acknowledge: what you put into the ecosystem indicates what you’ll get out of it.


If you treat an integration with the same fervor as a product, it’ll do well.


If you get involved in an ecosystem, you’ll find more opportunities to partner and create value.


If, however, you choose to set it and forget it, expect to see lackluster results.



How Oneflow yielded a 190% surge in HubSpot-related opps


In 2023, HubSpot handpicked five partners for a two-way data-sharing experiment using Reveal. Among them was Oneflow.


With access to HubSpot’s data, Oneflow could target qualified customers more effectively, yielding a remarkable 190% surge in HubSpot-related opportunities for Oneflow.


We talked to Oneflow’s Johan Jansson (Partner Manager), HubSpot’s Aron Gosselin (Strategic Partnership Manager), and Reveal’s TJ Turner (Key Account Manager at Reveal) to learn how Oneflow succeeded at what a lot of companies try for—winning in a large ecosystem.


Two-way data sharing offers advantages, but it isn’t a silver bullet. Unless it’s backed by a solid strategy and execution, more data won’t make you successful.


Oneflow’s success proves this.


So, how did Oneflow successfully implement 2-way data sharing into their company’s strategy?


Johan Jansson (Partner Manager at Oneflow) broke it down for me into four phases:

  1. Pre-work

  2. Integrating

  3. Enhancing

  4. Maximizing

Use these phases to inform your strategy when you’re getting ready to roll out two-way data sharing with partners.


Phase one: pre-work

  • Create a pitch deck outlining the opportunity. You’re going to want top-down buy-in on an initiative like this. Build a pitch deck for your execs, telling the story of this opportunity. Include information like:

    • What would 2-way data sharing with Reveal and HubSpot do?

    • What is the untapped revenue potential inside of the HubSpot ecosystem for your company?

    • How does this initiative fit into broader company goals?

    • Why is this important for your whole company to be bought into?

    • Who needs to be involved?

    • What’s your initial strategy and plan?


  • Determine your focus. You can’t impact every part of your business at once, so get really clear on where you want to get wins initially. For Johan, this was in Sales.


  • Outline an initial strategy that’s based on existing processes. Once you’ve determined your focus, then you can begin to set the implementation strategy. Johan outlined his Sales teams’ processes, including their day-to-day tasks, systems, and dashboards. Johan used this information to instruct RevOps on how to implement the new 2-way data sharing into Sales’ existing processes. Instead of adding anything new, he wanted to enhance the ways they were already succeeding.

Read the full nearbound story for the other 3 phases and to learn more about HubSpot’s 2-way data sharing with Oneflow.


Oneflow Case Study_edit


Continue reading here.



GTM Partners on what they’ve learned from reviewing 53 tech stacks

Three core takeaways:

  1. The average enterprise has 23 core vendors in their GTM tech stack.

  2. Some vendors show up again and again.

  3. There are certain tech vendors that clearly work “better together.”

Buyers are still figuring out when to use a point solution and when to use a platform solution, but no matter what, they want tools that work well together.


Read the full deep dive here.





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Ella Richmond 5 min

Nearbound Daily #562: How Oneflow Saw a 190% Surge in HubSpot-related Opportunities

In 2023, HubSpot handpicked five partners for a two-way data-sharing experiment using Reveal. Among them was Oneflow. Since then they've seen a 190% surge in HubSpot-related opportunities. Here's the full story.

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