Nearbound Daily #564: An Email Checklist to Make Better Impressions

Nearbound Daily #564: An Email Checklist to Make Better Impressions

Ella Richmond 5 min

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Like magic đź”® turn your ICP into your IPP

Your customers will tell you who your strongest partner is.


That’s why the secret to building your IPP is actually to start with your ICP.


A company’s ICP acts as a blueprint for the Marketing and Sales team to scale their outreach. It describes a company’s perfect customer and is determined through learnings from current customers and previous opportunities.


A company’s IPP describes its perfect partner.


IPPs can vary based on not just goals, but also type of partner, market, and more. You can have multiple IPPs, one for each type of partner you work with, or tier of partner in your program. And just because they fit an IPP doesn’t make them qualified.


Martin Scholz and Bernhard Friedrichs from PXP Academy put together a free template for developing your IPP. Get it here.



A quick email checklist

Good email hygiene is like good personal hygiene. People want to interact with you when you’re clean-cut.


Use this quick email checklist to make an impression in every inbox.


Always add context.

  • Have I identified the specific person or group I intend to communicate with?

  • Have I specified the timing or urgency of our communication (do I need immediate assistance, am I trying to schedule a future meeting, or provide an update)?

  • Have I highlighted why the person I’m addressing is important in this context? Is it clear what role do they play and how are they connected to the subject matter?

  • Have I explained why this message is pertinent to what they have previously engaged with or sold?

Help first.

  • Have I clearly outlined what I’m willing to give or do in return?

  • Have I emphasized how the offer is a win-win situation?

  • Have I created an open channel for further discussion?

Be clear on what you need.

  • Have I been direct and specific about what I’m asking for, whether it’s intel, influence, or intros?

  • Have I avoided unnecessary details that may obscure your request?

  • Have I provided context for the ask? Have I briefly explained why my request is important or relevant?

Leverage collective intelligence.

  • Have I analyzed data from a tool like Reveal and leveraged partner relationships to draft a value proposition?

  • Have I used all of the intel I have at my disposal? Have I used 360° Goals in Reveal to see every partner that has a relationship with this prospect?

Now that you have this checklist, get the nearbound email templates to action your data.



Get your email templates here



Partner vs ecosystem?

Allan Adler (Managing Partner at Digital Bridge Partners) believes folks seeking a career in the partner ecosystem space need to pick between becoming partner experts or becoming ecosystem experts because they involve different skill sets and lead to different career paths.


Do you agree?


Read Allan’s explanation of the 2x2 matrix.


Ecosystem vs partner



Become the ultimate Partner Manager

A hand-curated library of only the best partnerships content out there. Get mentored by leaders like Nelson Wang (Airtable), Martin Scholz (PXP Academy), Bernhard Friedrichs (PXP Academy), Greg Portnoy (Euler), and more!


Check it out now.


ultimate library




Stuff you don’t want to miss!

  • April 24th—What Makes a Partnership “Strategic”—Join Valerio Martelli (Sales and Partnerships Director at Wisepops) and Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) where they will dive into the intricacies of forging impactful partnerships in the tech sector, guided by insights from industry experts. Register here.

  • April 24th—Partnerships Secrets: Cory Snyder Teaches Partner Recruitment—’s Head of Partnerships, Cory Snyder, spills the tea on how he’s growing his partner program in 2024. Powered by PartnerStack. Register here.

  • May 7th—MartechDay 2024—Join Scott Brinker (VP Platform Ecosystems at HubSpot) and Frans Riemersma (Founder, MartechTribe) to release the latest Marketing Technology Landscape graphic. It’s a celebration of the thousands of talented people working in martech, at brands, vendors, and across the community. Scott and Frans will also be interviewing key leaders for their deep domain-specific knowledge. Register here.

  • Nearbound Summit 2023 Recordings—The future of GTM is Nearbound. Watch the recordings to hear how B2B leaders across departments unite with Nearbound strategies and tactics. Listen here.


You’re all caught up.



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Ella Richmond 5 min

Nearbound Daily #564: An Email Checklist to Make Better Impressions

Good email hygiene is like good personal hygiene. People want to interact with you when you're clean-cut. Use this quick email checklist to make an impression in every inbox.

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