Nearbound Daily #565: Here's How To Do Co-Marketed Events Better Using Nearbound Data (Step-By-Step)

Nearbound Daily #565: Here's How To Do Co-Marketed Events Better Using Nearbound Data (Step-By-Step)

Ella Richmond 6 min

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Fix your bad processes first

You can’t put more data into bad processes.


No matter how hard you try, more data won’t turn bad processes good.


Think about it in terms of your life—you can’t counteract bad habits with good information.


Changing bad habits is an active process just like fixing bad processes is an active process.


When you fix your bad habits, good information has a stronger effect.


Likewise, when you fix bad processes, the effect of good data is much stronger.



How to do co-marketed events better with your account mapping tool


Co-marketed events are just better.


You get…

  • Expanded reach

  • Shared resources

  • Diverse perspectives

  • Increased credibility

  • Enhanced promotion

  • Networking opportunities

and more for half the cost.


But since nearbound marketing is still new, most marketers are still figuring out how to do it best.


How do they find the best partners to co-market with?

How do they build the perfect event guest list?


The answer is: collaborating with partner professionals internally.


Partner leaders can give marketers insights from account mapping tools to help them run better events.


Here’s exactly how they can do that (bookmark this if you’re trying to understand all the ways to turn on your nearbound data):


First: Identify the right partner


Ask yourself this question: who has the highest overlap of prospects and customers/contacts?


And to find the answer, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to Analytics in your Reveal account

  2. Click the purple plus sign and add these columns:

    1. My Customers vs. Partner’s Prospects

    2. Market Overlap, and

    3. Persona overlap

  3. Use these 3 data points and "My prospects and opps" against "Partner’s customers" to identify the best partner.


Analytics dashboard in Reveal


Second: Create a list of the right people to invite

Option A:

  1. Open Account Mapping with your selected partner

  2. Choose "My Customers vs [Partner’s] prospects" and/or "My Customers not in [Partner’s] CRM". (Optional: Apply additional filters based on ICP/target relevant to my partner).

  3. Each company’s CSM/AM teams invite their customers to the event. To have better promo results, draft an email template for your team so they can invite their respective accounts.

Option B:

  1. Create a target list for your partner from your CRM, and filter the target list in a report view.

  2. Then filter on Reveal data "Is a customer of [Partner]" and share that list with your partner.

  3. If relevant, repeat the above with "Common Opportunities" and/or "Common Customers" and connect your dedicated account team in each company to decide on joint action, messaging, and what kind of VIP treatment to give to this target list.


Building a list in Salesforce with Reveal’s filter “Is a customer of [Partner]”



Third: Prepare and run the event


The event should be immensely valuable for your guests. It should not be a product demo or a sales pitch. Instead, it should be something that you and your partner collaborate on to offer specially for this group of people.


Divvy up responsibilities based on you and your partners’ expertises. If your partner is great with ads, and you’re great with back-end event building, split tasks.


Fourth: Post-event follow-up


The final step is to measure the influence your campaign has created on prospective customers, along with the sales KPIs and strategies.


The best way to follow up with your events is:

  1. Uploading attendees list with "Offline Account Mapping" on Reveal to make it accessible to sellers for both companies.

  2. Prepare specific messaging, sequence, or talk track focused on your better-together story.

A few more tips for account mapping users:

  • Pull lists from a multisource approach: leverage Reveal, LinkedIn, and your CRM, and work together with your Sales team and partners so they can nominate candidates to attend your events.

  • Stay consistent: Once you identify which part of the funnel you’d like to influence with events, set a quarterly meeting with your GTM teams to align on themes, goals, and expectations.

  • Scale your nearbound events: Use Reveal’s directory to quickly identify new partners that might be worth doing events with based on account overlap data.

Become the nearbound expert in your company. Come to your other GTM teams with nearbound data that helps them to do their job better.


Run Events


Read the full article here.



Nearbound marketing, a new way to go-to-market

Jared Fuller joined the king of millennial marketing, Daniel Murray, on his podcast to finally give partnerships the credit it’s due.


Partner pros » learn how to make an impact on marketing.

Marketers » learn what nearbound can do for you.


Click here to listen on Spotify.


p.s. This is the perfect episode to send to your marketers!





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Ella Richmond 6 min

Nearbound Daily #565: Here's How To Do Co-Marketed Events Better Using Nearbound Data (Step-By-Step)

Co-marketed events are just better. You get 2x for the cost of 1x. But since nearbound marketing is still new, most marketers are still figuring out how to do it best. Here's how you can help marketing as a partner professional.

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