Nearbound Daily #573: Meet NearBOT, Your Handy Nearbound Assistant

Nearbound Daily #573: Meet NearBOT, Your Handy Nearbound Assistant

Ella Richmond 6 min

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Be visible and valuable

In fact, back in 2018, she explained social selling as,

The mindset of being where your buyers are, being visible to them, and being valuable to them.

That’s nearbound surround.

  1. Identifying your customers’ watering holes.

  2. Becoming a known and trusted voice in those watering holes by being visible and valuable to them.

  3. Partnering with those they already know and trust to build even more trust.

Rooted in the customer, this approach to selling emphasizes what Jill and Sam Mckenna call “Show Me You Know Me,” a better way to build trust with your prospects.


Keep reading to learn what Show Me You Know Me looks like executed well.



How to do better customer and partner research with Show Me You Know Me

First impressions are invaluable. The Show Me You Know Me method is how you make the most of every first impression.


Sam McKenna (Founder at #samsales Consulting) shared her top outreach secrets in a Masterclass on the Academy.


Here are two fundamentals to understand before you begin your research:

  1. Remember that people want to be seen as people.

    Look for who they are as an employee.
    Look for who they are as a person.

  2. Understanding prospects requires that you understand them as a human, their company, and their space/industry.

How to research the person:

To understand them on a personal level, look for information like:

  • Common connections

  • Social media headlines

  • Social media about section

  • Location

  • Education

  • Hobbies or interests (only focus on what you can find to authentically connect with them)

To understand them on a professional level, look for information like:

  • Current job

  • Length of time there

  • Promotions

  • Previous employees

  • Career path

  • CRM

How to research the company:


To understand their company, look for information like:

  • Website information

  • Additional resources

  • Press releases

  • Charitable activities

  • Executive activity

How to research the space:


To understand their space/industry, look for information like:

  • Vertical

  • Communities they’re a part of

  • Thought leaders they follow

  • Key podcasts or newsletters in the space

That’s the level of research few people are doing enough of.


Jill Rowley shared an example of how she practiced Show Me You Know Me back in 2018.

I was selling marketing technology so I went directly to the company’s CMO. I found him on LinkedIn. I read everything. I learned that he had some strong points of view and I figured he probably talked about it in other places. I searched the web and found he spoke on a few podcasts


I understood the space and why his strong beliefs were important so I used his words to connect with him.

Show Me You Know Me can (and should) be leveraged in partnerships, too.


Here are three ways:

  1. To build stronger partnerships—instead of going into partner conversations blind, come in with an initial JVP derived from research on this company and the people you’re talking with.

  2. To close more deals—One of the 3 I’s plays — intel — is about gathering information that wouldn’t be available anywhere else. This is critical for effective research.

  3. To get internal buy-in—When pitching a nearbound overlay, don’t fly blind. Understand what the leaders and ICs in your company believe. Then tailor the nearbound pitch to them.

Check out Sam McKenna’s full masterclass.




NearBOT will answer any nearbound question

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An AE can tell you better than us...

Sellers are feeling the pressure of unsuccessful outbound tactics.


We say it often, but if you ever didn’t believe us, hear it directly from a seller.


Your sellers are looking for solutions. Partner pro, it’s up to you to approach them correctly and drive results. If you do that, they’ll become some of your biggest nearbound fans.


Read the full post and comments.


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See you tomorrow



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Ella Richmond 6 min

Nearbound Daily #573: Meet NearBOT, Your Handy Nearbound Assistant

NearBOT is your AI-powered nearbound assistant. It's the simplest, fastest way to find the exact nearbound content you need. Need to build a nearbound pitch? NearBOT can help. Need to think through your strategy? Ask NearBOT. Want to learn everything on co-selling? NearBOT makes it easy.

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