Nearbound Daily #574: Steve Jobs On Buyer Preferences (And How It Relates to Nearbound)

Nearbound Daily #574: Steve Jobs On Buyer Preferences (And How It Relates to Nearbound)

Ella Richmond 5 min

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People change, then they forget they changed

Marc Andreesen wrote this in the foreword of the landmark book by Venkatesh Rao, Breaking Smart:

People change, then forget that they changed, and act as though they always behaved a certain way and could never change again.

Because of this, unexpected changes in human behavior are often dismissed as regressive rather than as potentially intelligent adaptations.

But change happens anyway.

Before the iPhone came out, Marc asked Steve Jobs if people would accept a digital screen over a keypad.


Steve replied, “They’ll learn.”


We see this similarly happening in technology.


People forget that sales tech used to not be a thing. They forget that marketing technologies were only adopted in the past 10 years.


Nearbound is the future. If you look at buying behaviors, it’s obvious.


And even for nearbound GTM, people will look back and act as though they always behaved with a nearbound mindset.



If convincing your teams to try nearbound hasn’t been working…

When one approach doesn’t work, try a different approach.


There are two approaches to getting the nearbound mindset successfully adopted inside your company:


Approach #1: Nearbound philosophy → data → prove

Approach #2: Data → prove → nearbound philosophy


Most partner pros get excited and use approach #1. It might work, but it also might leave your GTM teams annoyed.


So, if you feel like you might need a new approach, try approach #2.

  1. Set up discovery meetings with your GTM teams and do your homework beforehand.

    Learn about key deals your Sales team is trying to close and blockers. Ask marketing about their calendar. Ask CS about repeat customer frustrations.

  2. Solve their problems using partners.

    Get deals unstuck with partner influence. Push deals to close faster with key intel.

    Co-market with partners to get more customers to your events, get more reach on content, and to create more interesting content.

    Work to fill gaps in your product offering with partners.

  3. Once you’ve achieved a few wins, start explaining the nearbound mindset and why these tactics worked.

You, as a partner pro, need to remember that there are different ways to approach your GTM teams.


Why? Because getting buy-in on nearbound is imperative for the future success of your company, and if you keep doing something that doesn’t work, you’ll just frustrate people.


Rob Rebholz put it like this on a podcast with Ben Wright, Will Taylor, and Robert Kielty,

Sometimes partner pros go into new companies saying everything needs to change. They put together some data and say,

’This is the future. It’s better.’

Instead, approach the conversation from a service-first perspective. How can you serve your GTM teams so they’ll want to talk about nearbound?

Sometimes you have to give to get.

Listen to the full episode to hear why Ben Wright and Will Taylor believe partnerships is having its moment right now.





What do we think about UTMs?

Apparently Steve Jobs would’ve hated UTMs…


I was scrolling through LinkedIn and I saw this post from Dave Gerhardt.




Do you agree?


The nearbound mindset is about approaching customers the way they want to be approached. Should we revisit conversations about UTMs?




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Ella Richmond 5 min

Nearbound Daily #574: Steve Jobs On Buyer Preferences (And How It Relates to Nearbound)

Before the iPhone came out, Marc Andreesen asked Steve Jobs if people would accept a digital screen over a keypad. Steve replied, “They’ll learn.” We see this similarly happening in technology.

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