Nearbound Daily #575: Use This Simple Exercise To Understand Your Customer And Partner Better

Nearbound Daily #575: Use This Simple Exercise To Understand Your Customer And Partner Better

Ella Richmond 5 min

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Four mental models for life and business

Omri Drory, a scientist, founder, CEO, and investor recently wrote a reflection on the ways scientific thinking has impacted his business decisions for NfX.


He outlined the four most important mental models he returns to time and time again. Here are my two favorites:


1. Understand How to Manage (and Manipulate) Energy


His explanation: If you want something to happen you need to get over the “energy hump.” You must apply just enough energy so that the reaction starts to happen, then it flows easily.


Nearbound explanation: There’s an "energy hump" when it comes to partnerships. If you want to make starting a partnership easier for your new partner, then acknowledge how much energy it’ll take to build momentum. If the success of this partnership matters to you, then make the "energy hump" smaller. Bake incentives in from the start.


2. Know Which Rules Are Breakable


His explanation: Man-made rules can be broken, whereas the rules of nature cannot.


Nearbound explanation: There’s a lot out there that’s sold as "the way things should be done," but those are man-made standards. They might be correct, but the difference between man-made rules and the rules of nature is that man-made rules work under certain conditions, whereas the rules of nature are always true. You need to approach the market with an open mind if you’re really going to accept and adopt nearbound GTM.


Read his full article here.





A quick exercise on customer and partner journeys

If you want to understand something, get close to it. Proximity is a key ingredient of real learning.


I was reading Mark Kilens’ (Co-Founder of ClubPF and TACK GTM) book on People-First GTM which focuses on what it means to be people-first rather than company-first across your company’s complete GTM strategy.


He shared an exercise and I wanted to pass it along.


If you want to understand your customer really well, challenge yourself to:


Create at least one customer journey per week that shows how marketing and sales helped turn a lead into a new customer.


The better you understand your customer and their journeys to you, the stronger partnerships you’ll be able to create.


And then you do the exercise again for your partners.


Challenge yourself to map out a partner journey that shows how you established the partnership successfully and turned the partnership into revenue for your company.


Reflecting on how you’ve created successful partnerships, you’ll likely be able to pull out replicable tactics.



"Somewhat effective" marketing

Peter Caputa (CEO of Databox) shared some of his team’s preliminary findings on the effectiveness of email marketing content.


PC4 1

Most marketers believe their email marketing is “somewhat effective,” not “very effective.”


Since this data is preliminary, the purpose of his post is conversation.


So, I’m going to share some questions this post incites for me:

  1. Why do most marketers believe their email marketing is only “somewhat effective?” Is it because of numbers like CTR and open rate?

  2. Does this point to a larger issue?

  3. Is there a better way to get customers to take action than CTR?

What do you think? Reply to this email with your thoughts.


Pete would love to have some amazing email marketers contribute to this data set and prove this conclusion wrong:


Share this with your marketers.



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You’re all caught up.


See you tomorrow



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Ella Richmond 5 min

Nearbound Daily #575: Use This Simple Exercise To Understand Your Customer And Partner Better

Mark Kilens’ book on People-First GTM is focused on what it means to be people-first rather than company-first across your company’s complete GTM strategy. He shared an exercise I want to pass along.

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