Nearbound Daily #580: How Fullstory Increased Their Renewal Rate by 14%

Nearbound Daily #580: How Fullstory Increased Their Renewal Rate by 14%

Ella Richmond 5 min

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Nearbound is the way

The market is brutal and neither "channel" nor "partner" will save you.


They are too siloed.


It’s about surrounding buyers with those they trust at every step of the journey. Sales, marketing, success, and product all have a role to play.


And so do partners and partner managers. But not as something off to the side that sends you referrals. Your partners have the trust of your buyers. Find those overlaps, and tap into them for intel, intros, and influence.


Nearbound works. 


But it’s not how most teams are wired right now.


The good news is, great teams are doing it, and we have been collecting their insights and plays to help provide some guidance on the path.


Read Nearbound and the Rise of the Who Economy to learn how to do this.



How Fullstory Increased Their Renewal Rate by 14%

Your product may not be perfect, and that’s okay. You can rely on partners to fill those gaps, improve your customer experience, and increase the value proposition of your joint solution.


To enhance Fullstory’s customer experience, Nigel Liaw (Director of Technology Partnerships), followed a 5-step process to deliver more value to them:

  1. Identify potential tech partners

  2. Connect with partners

  3. Build a pitch

  4. Enable teams

  5. Track


Here’s a quick read Fullstory’s playbook that you can use today to increase the impact of your integration program. Read the full story here.


Identifying potential tech partners

  • Actively listening to customers’ needs and leveraging insights from customer interactions as the primary entry point for identifying potential partners.

  • Select your tech partners according to data like market presence, account overlap, contact overlap, your company’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), customer feedback, and your company’s strategic goals.

  • Align with your internal Product team to get buy-in and support, ensuring that the integration aligns with the overall strategic roadmap. This will help your integration strategy receive the necessary resources and backing for success.


Connecting with partners

  • Expand your ecosystem and connect with partners, by leveraging customers, team members, and partner introductions to facilitate collaboration and drive revenue. 

  • Evaluate key elements to ensure the partnership’s worthiness. This includes identifying common customers and prospects, understanding the partner’s ICP, assessing similarities in use cases, defining the joint value proposition, and determining the added value to the customer journey.


Build your pitch

  • Leverage Reveal as a valuable data source to construct the narrative and business case for your integrations, ensuring buy-in from the Product team.

  • Communicate key insights such as customer pain points, customer insights, the number of mutual customers, the Total Addressable Market (TAM) of the integration, specific joint use cases with tech partners, and potential candidates for beta-testing. 


Team enablement 

  • Align integration initiatives with your team’s internal goals and objectives.

  • Share data points such as the partner’s relevance to customer goals, common customers, active and inactive integrations, and potential use cases with your CSMs so they can establish stronger connections with partner counterparts, understand customer needs better, and deliver enhanced value.



  • Build dashboards for measuring integration adoption, retention, and expansion. By consolidating data related to integration usage, you can monitor customer engagement and identify opportunities for improvement. 

  • Leverage Reveal data to assist your Customer Success teams in setting up plans and conducting informed conversations during Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). 


Read the full story here



When you’re all too used to carrying the weight

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Ella Richmond 5 min

Nearbound Daily #580: How Fullstory Increased Their Renewal Rate by 14%

Nigel Liaw joined Fullstory in September 2023 as their Director of Technology Partnerships to craft seamless integrations and innovative solutions that directly address and alleviate Fullstory’s customer pain points. This is the story of how he and his team succeeded by having a customer-first mentality, leveraging Reveal, and making the most out of nearbound data.

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