Nearbound Daily #586: What To Do When You Can't Get CRO Approval

Nearbound Daily #586: What To Do When You Can't Get CRO Approval

Ella Richmond 5 min

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What to do when you can’t get CRO approval

It’s the final week of the quarter, and your Sellers are one deal away from hitting quota. 


They’ve gotten everyone else on board, but now they need the buyer’s CRO’s approval on the budget. 


They hoped it would be easy, but instead get ghosted.


Stories like this are common. That’s why we went to Reveal’s Sales and Partnership teams to ask how they have won with partners, together.


Here’s the story of how Reveal’s Sales team won CRO approval with partner influence.


The situation: Reveal’s Sales team had already been working with two champions to get internal buy-in in Company A, and had already tested and seen the value of the freemium version. But after a couple of months of trying to get the deal signed, they realized that, despite building a relationship with the two champions, Reveal’s Sales team was talking to the wrong deal influencer. 


They needed to talk with the CRO because he approved the budget. However, he was skeptical and completely ignored the team. 


Solution: Partner intel.


The playAfter trying to get in touch with the CRO, one of Reveal’s partners reached out to the Reveal AE who owned the opp with Company A, and saw that they had that common opportunity. So the partner decided to help the team by sharing intel about their ongoing process with the prospect. 


Here’s the intel the partner shared: 

  • The CEO totally understood the value of a nearbound strategy

  • The CEO leveraged Reveal in his previous role

  • The deal influencer was the CEO, not the CRO

Reveal’s AE reached out to Company A’s CEO, explaining the context and who he was already talking to in Company A, as well as how nearbound and Reveal could help his team reach the promised land. 


After reaching out to the CEO, the deal ran smoothly, resulting in a closed-won in less than 2 weeks. 


The partner helped accelerate the deal closure just by sharing intel that Reveal’s team didn’t have access to. 



Tried and tested ways to tap into partner intel, influence, and intros

Reveal’s Sales and Partnership teams have been in your shoes—trying to move deals through the pipeline.


Read how they have won with partners using nearbound plays in various situations.

  • How they got the final approval from decision-makers.

  • How they got the final signature.

  • How they identified an upsell opportunity.

  • What they did when they realized the buyer’s Sales team didn’t think partner-first.

Deal isnt dead


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Ella Richmond 5 min

Nearbound Daily #586: What To Do When You Can't Get CRO Approval

It's the final week of the quarter, and your Sellers are one deal away from hitting quota. They've gotten everyone else on board, but now they need the buyer's CRO's approval on the budget.

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