Nearbound Daily #591: Great Partners Are Like Diamonds

Nearbound Daily #591: Great Partners Are Like Diamonds

Ella Richmond 4 min

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Great partners are like diamonds

Ideal partners:

✅ Deliver a personalized and excellent experience to your customers.

✅ Fill an important gap.

✅ Are ready and excited to collaborate.


When looking for your ideal partner, don’t get blinded by the size of the company or its database. 

Sometimes big companies aren’t the best partners. Instead, look for that diamond in the rough. 

Seek out the partner who is aligned with your goals and your value prop, and who is willing to grow with you—now that is a diamond of a partner.



Modern marketing = nearbound marketing

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Traditional marketers are being forced to squeeze every last drop out of existing tactics. This results in bad habits that lose trust with your audience.

Prospects' inboxes overwhelmed by spam? An uninformed leader will tell their marketers to play the volume game.

AI making it too easy to create sub-par content? An uninformed leader will tell their marketers to game SEO with quantity over quality. 

But none of that solves the problem, and worse, it leaves some of these companies in a hole they can't get out of when industry standards evolve to reflect buyer preferences.


So, what's the real solution?


Nearbound marketing: the strategy that reaches buyers through the voices that surround them.

If you want to be part of the small cohort of modern marketers leveraging nearbound tactics, GTM Partners shared 6 tips you can follow: 


Tip #1: Become curious, innovative, and independent.

The modern marketer doesn't care what everyone else is doing. They’re free thinkers who design their own funnels, attribution models, and campaigns that have never been done before.


Modern marketers embody the nearbound mindset: curiosity, courage, and conviction. 

They're intensely curious about their market, audience, and ecosystem. They bravely face challenges with a smile and adapt to every market trend. 

Modern marketers live in market with their customers and those they trust, learning their language, and connecting with their problems. They're excited about driving customer impact.


Tip #2: Experiment.

Modern marketers are hungry for innovation and love experimenting. They leverage a perfect blend of art and science: creative campaigns that actually work for the unique matrix of their current product, market, environment, and buyers’ needs in a way that yields maximum pipeline and ROI.


When existing tactics don't work, the most innovative individuals create new ones.

Modern marketers learn the ins and outs of their customers and create better ways to reach and speak to them.


Tip #3: Become obsessed with data.

Modern marketers look at data as the lifeblood of their decision-making process. They demote vanity metrics (i.e. impressions, open rates) and focus on the same KPIs their c-suite and board executives are tracking (ARR, NRR, pipeline, CAC, LTV).


You can’t keep driving crazy metrics with almost no budget. You’ve got to partner with the individuals and companies who already have influence, those who can help you not only bring more value to your customers but also those who can help you reach your promised land. 

The best marketers in the Nearbound Era focus on metrics that translate into revenue.

Why? Because their obsession is customer impact, and they've drawn a straight line between customer impact and revenue.


Tip #4: Focus on their true buyers.

Modern marketers hone in on their TRM (total relevant market) and ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). They avoid the pitfall of boiling the ocean by going after the whole TAM (Total Addressable Market) with too few resources.


Collaborate with your partners to pinpoint the ideal candidates for your campaign.

With Reveal, you can leverage nearbound ABM filters such as technographic data, account overlap, and deal influencers, among others, to refine your account-based list beyond traditional criteria like company size or market.


Click here to read tips #5 and #6. 


Shoutout to GTM Partners for their awesome content!

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Why wouldn't you work with partners?


Partnerships = more impact with less effort.

Here's a visual that paints the picture.


Thanks Rob Rebholz for the awesome visual!




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Ella Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #591: Great Partners Are Like Diamonds

When looking for your ideal partner, don’t get blinded by the size of the company or the size of its database. Sometimes big companies aren’t the best partners. Instead, look for that diamond in the rough.

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