Nearbound Daily #593: Partners Are Not Your Glorified BDRs

Nearbound Daily #593: Partners Are Not Your Glorified BDRs

Ella Richmond 4 min

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Partners are not your glorified BDRs

In the past, a lot of organizations confined partnerships to pipeline generation.

Neither the executive team nor the partner professional understood how partners could drive impact at every stage of the buyer’s journey so partner teams became “a glorified BDR team.”

But here's the realization that matters as we enter the Nearbound Era:

Partnerships is not a department. A true nearbound partnerships strategy is an overlay to the entire business.



Overlay partners to the attract stage of the bowtie




Purpose of the awareness/attract stage: To drive greater exposure of your company and solution inside of an existing ecosystem.

How partners help:

  • 2x the reach
  • Broader expertise creates more value for customers
  • Tap into existing trust, the hardest currency to develop in an ecosystem

Which department(s) are most involved:

  • Marketing

Partner types:

  • Media partners
  • Communities
  • Influencers
  • Key Opinion Leaders
  • Content-level co-marketing tech partners

Why partners are critical to this phase

The left-most side of the bowtie, the awareness stage, also referred to as “top of funnel,” casts the widest net. 

In the awareness stage, potential buyers become aware of your brand, product, or service with one goal: to learn about the ecosystem.

These marketers help customers succeed by creating content like articles, podcasts, webinars, and whitepapers that are general but informative like trends or industry-related information. Then, they distribute them as far and wide as possible.

In the past, it was normal for marketers to take a company-first, conversion-heavy approach to their top-of-funnel content. They’d start with the question, “What do we want to say,” but today company-first content doesn’t cut through the noise.

Today, the best brand-building content answers the question, “How can we serve our ecosystem and customer” and it does this by partnering with those your buyer already trusts, those who have already gotten to the promised land your customers are seeking.

Customers guard their attention and only consume immediately relevant and valuable content. That’s why partners are critical to a company’s success at this stage of the bowtie.

Partners shift the focus from the company to the customer and ecosystem, expand reach, and enhance the value of content by providing broader expertise.

That sounds nice in theory, but how do you implement it? 


Step one: Use Reveal

Here are the ways Reveal can help in the aware/attract stage of the bowtie:

  • Determine which partners to co-market with

  • Validate the fit of your potential co-marketing and cross-pollination efforts

  • Identify specific account lists to target with your program

  • Understand audience demographics

  • Expose additional data (engagement data, health scores, etc.) to further filter targeted lists

Learn more.


Step two: Action nearbound

Plays in the aware/attract phase have broad appeal. They’re often free and accessible, making it easy for people to share.


Plays include:

  • Articles on broad topics

  • Industry trends

  • General data visualizations

  • Podcasts with well-known guests

  • Paid ads

  • Press releases

  • Free e-books and guides with general content

  • General templates and checklists

Keep reading to learn how to overlay partners to the rest of the bowtie.




Keep reading the article here.



CEO of on the nearbound future of the BDR

Predictable Rev

Two words. BDR influencers.


Adam Robinson believes,

In a world where prospects are doing their own research and the best, most authentic content is being served to the most people, who is doing demand creation and demand capture? 

He believes BDRs will build audiences around a set of ideas. They will become known and trusted in an ecosystem, and use that trust to surround their potential buyers with influence.

Whether or not you believe Adam is correct about the future of BDRs, he's right about one thing: in the Nearbound Era, pipeline is created when you surround people with those they trust.

Reply to this email with your thoughts and we'll include them in next week's dailies.



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Ella Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #593: Partners Are Not Your Glorified BDRs

In the past, a lot of organizations confined partnerships to pipeline generation. Neither the executive team nor the partner professional understood how partners could drive impact at every stage of the buyer’s journey so partner teams became “a glorified BDR team.”

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