Nearbound Daily #595: Step-By-Step Guide to Overlay Partners Into Your GTM Efforts

Nearbound Daily #595: Step-By-Step Guide to Overlay Partners Into Your GTM Efforts

Ella Richmond 4 min

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Think of nearbound like gravity

Picture each buyer being surrounded by a “gravitational field” of other companies and advisors.

Their opinions and relationships exert a pull on the buyer’s decision-making.

We believe the strongest “gravity” comes from those closest to the buyer—those who've proved their value, built trust, and earned the right to be close to the buyer.

This is where partnerships become so valuable.

Because partners have already established trusted bonds with buyers, their influence flows naturally, without raising the buyer’s sales radar.



Overlay partners in the educate/nurture stage of the buyer's journey

**p.s. This is a section from the new release: The Nearbound Marketing Blueprint. Download the blueprint here and send this email to your marketers.


Bowtie marketing_educate_02


Purpose: To nurture potential customers about the problems the market faces that you can uniquely solve.

How partners help:

  • Endorse your offering
  • Share their trust and influence with people and teams they already work with
  • Pair your partner’s industry knowledge with your “net new”  learnings to their audience, blending the value and making use of the existing momentum
  • Allow you to surround your customers with trusted nodes of influence 

Which department(s) are most involved: 

  • Marketing

Partner types:

  • Influencers and practitioners
  • Key opinion leaders
  • Strategic technology & service partners
  • Content-level co-marketing tech partners


Why partners are critical to this phase

The Educate stage of the buyer’s journey is where a buyer learns about the problems your solution solves and decides whether or not it’ll be helpful to him or her.

This is where they are now, or become, problem-aware.

They’re doing things like:

  • Researching
  • Looking at products
  • Raising and addressing concerns
  • Engaging with existing content
  • Asking for help from their network 

Here, we come back to the 24 touchpoints you don’t own. Those who do own them could be agencies, marketplace listings, influencers on social media platforms, or even word-of-mouth references.

What these people have that you don’t have is access and trust.

Buyers don’t believe that your product is the answer to their problems, but they will believe the partners they already have relationships with. It’s more impactful to your customers if these trusted sources endorse your product than if you were to speak about it yourself.

That’s why it’s valuable to bring these touchpoints into your marketing initiatives. Each partner brings their unique expertise and a list of people who trust them. So the value of your content and the reach are both amplified.

It’s 2x the value and more than 2x the reach for effectively 50% of the cost.

How to best use account mapping

Use Reveal to:

  • Validate your audience
  • Create ABM-targeted lists
  • Determine which partners to co-market with
  • Curate a specific list to reach out to with a specific, relevant message

Download the blueprint now to read how to run an educate/nurture play like creating a co-branded report.


Read the full blueprint here.


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Ella Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #595: Step-By-Step Guide to Overlay Partners Into Your GTM Efforts

The Educate stage of the buyer’s journey is where a buyer learns about the problems your solution solves and decides whether or not it’ll be helpful to him or her.

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