Nearbound Daily #596: How to Apply For a Job Like a Pro

Nearbound Daily #596: How to Apply For a Job Like a Pro

Ella Richmond 4 min

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How to apply for a job

The job market's tough right now. So to any of you incredible partner pros looking to stand out, take Jason Lemkin's advice.

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It's simple:

  • Research the company you're applying for.
  • Research the people you'll be interviewing with.
  • Come with some ideas of how you can create value for the company.

We've always said the best partner pros are like entrepreneurs—they do what has to be done, even if it's a bit hacked together.

Be the person who shows up at 100% in everything from the first interview to the last day on the job.

That's the kind of person people want to work with. That's the kind of person they'll hire.



Intros beat referrals

A referral is not the same thing as an intro.

While a referral might sound something like this,

"Hey, you should check out my friend Jason's software company. He's a great guy."

An intro sounds like this,

"Jason's company helped solve the same problems we faced around XYZ. I think you'd find real value in their platform for A and B reasons. Should I connect you to him?"


✅ Are high-intention

✅ Are solution-oriented

✅ Come from a trusted source

✅ Give context and explain why the intro is relevant

Using this example, referrals are more like friendly endorsements, while intros are more like revenue facilitators.

So, how do you get more intros?


Here are 9 scenarios in which you should be using partners to help your Sellers get intros:

  1. Your Sellers got ghosted.
  2. Your Sellers have an open account but aren't speaking with decision-makers.
  3. Your Sellers are trying to enter into a new market or industry sector.
  4. The potential customer is skeptical or unfamiliar with your brand.
  5. Your product is part of a broader solution ecosystem, and the customer is already using your partners' products.
  6. Your Sellers are competing with well-established companies.
  7. The sales process involves multiple stakeholders.
  8. Your sales cycle is long and you need to accelerate the process to meet revenue targets.
  9. Your company is targeting large, strategic accounts.

Keep that list handy while you're in the Sales x Partnership meeting so you know when to offer help from partners.

Read more here to learn how to help your Sales team with intros.



Canalys research shows SaaS growth is accelerated through partners

According to Canalys research, 

"The market of SaaS applications (excluding infrastructure software) is expected to grow from US$215 billion in 2023 to US$278 billion in 2024, representing nearly 30% growth year-on-year...SaaS companies aren't achieving this growth alone; it is accelerated by the strategic use of partners."

And it's not just that partners are important.

The report makes the case for diverse partners: technology, services, channel, strategic alliances, marketing, etc.

"For scalable and efficient growth, SaaS platforms must diversify their partner networks and invest in ecosystems of hyper-specialized partners."

Click here to read the FREE report.



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Ella Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #596: How to Apply For a Job Like a Pro

The job market's tough right now. So to any of you incredible partner pros looking to stand out, take Jason Lemkin's advice.

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