Nearbound Daily #601: Doing Events The Nearbound Way

Nearbound Daily #601: Doing Events The Nearbound Way

Ella Richmond 4 min

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Want to win in a large ecosystem?

Step one: Make sure your product and execution are excellent.

Step two: Figure out what top leaders care about, then make noise there.

CallRail ran this play to get the attention of top leaders at HubSpot, and it worked.

Since 2018, CallRail has been a part of the HubSpot ecosystem, but the team recognized it was time to build the partnership deeper.

Here’s what Jenn Keepes, CallRail’s Strategic Partner Marketing Manager, had to say about the campaign they ran:

“The 3,000 user campaign got us a lot of attention and was really successful from brand partnership perspective. We caught the attention of some of the top people at HubSpot, and they were like, ‘Oh, this company's really leaning in. They're a top partner in the calling category. There's value here."

Read CallRail’s full nearbound story here.



Doing events the nearbound way

There’s a standard playbook for events that looks a little something like this: booth, friendly team, demo, and swag. It works, but people who adopt the nearbound mindset don’t just rely on the standard playbook.

They find ways to surround customers with the voices they trust.

A few weeks ago Logan Lyles (Evangelism and Content Marketing at Teamwork) shared a nearbound moment that surprised and excited him at the BABA (Build A Better Agency) Conference.

I asked if he’d be willing to share, and he gave us an exclusive.

Teamwork was having a normal booth experience at the BABA conference. It was great—existing customers and new customers were coming to talk with the team and learn about the product.

But something caught his attention.

A current customer walked a new prospect over to the Teamwork booth and began selling the tool, without Teamwork’s help.

And it got even better! The customer actually pulled out her laptop to show how she uses Teamwork.

Logan learned the story behind this interaction.

This prospect had a problem so they approached someone they trusted. This trusted source was a loyal customer of Teamwork who knew the tool would solve this person’s problem.

That’s nearbound.

In the past, people went to Google to learn HOW to solve their problems. Today, buyers go to WHO they trust.

While Logan’s nearbound story happened organically, companies can create nearbound moments too.

Think about this question—Who does my potential customer trust? How can I surround them with trust and influence at this event?



Announcing Reveal x GTM Partners

We’re partnering with GTM Partners to bring you the best and most relevant GTM content out there.

As Sangram Vajre shared:

"Gone are the days when GTM was synonymous with Sales and Marketing. Today's sophisticated buyers demand a more evolved and integrated approach to planning and executing GTM strategies that involves every team that touches the customer or revenue.


Reveal shares our vision and also brings a unique perspective. Their concept of "nearbound" is another view of our six GTM motions: Inbound, Outbound, Partner-Led, Product-Led, Event-Led, and Community-Led Growth. Nearbound is not confined to the partnerships department; it is an integrated strategy that involves every department and every GTM motion, aligning them to surround the customer with value.


…This is the future of go-to-market, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this transformation."


Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement!


GTM Partners



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Ella Richmond 4 min

Nearbound Daily #601: Doing Events The Nearbound Way

There’s a standard playbook for events that looks a little something like this: booth, friendly team, demo, and swag. It works, but people who adopt the nearbound mindset don’t just rely on the standard playbook.

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