Nearbound Daily #602: We Can Do Better With Partner Onboarding

Nearbound Daily #602: We Can Do Better With Partner Onboarding

Ella Richmond 3 min

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Integrated > not integrated

Data helps us automate and create efficiencies. Data helps us find, track, and target customers.

But we’re now awash in data. And when your data is divided among multiple sources of truth, you run the risk of something falling through the cracks.

The solution? Integrate your data into one platform.

The best partner pros create a single source of truth for themselves.

Instead of worrying about keeping track of information, they think about leveraging the data, building the right relationships, and enabling the rest of their go-to-market teams to tap into partners.



5-box checklist for running events

Partner pros can run events better than almost any other go-to-market professional.

Why? Because they have a nearbound mindset. They think about driving value to customers and surrounding customers with those they trust.

Everything from promotion to run of show to post-event is smoother because of that mindset.

Here are 5 important things to remember if you’re a partner professional running or helping to run events.

  1. Identify relevant changes and state your POV
    Start by pinpointing a significant and relevant change in the world. Present your point of view clearly. This not only sets the stage for your narrative but also establishes you as a thought leader in the industry.

  2. Focus on people, not just products
    Your narrative should center on the people you are helping, not just your product. If you need to mention your product, position it as an enabler in your customers’ journey, not the hero. This approach resonates more deeply with your audience, making your message more relatable and impactful.

  3. Use stories to paint the picture
    Share stories of how others have successfully navigated their challenges and reached their goals with your product and narrative. This paints a vivid picture of success and provides concrete examples of your product's impact.

  4. Adapt to your partner’s capabilities
    Not every company has a robust partner program or extensive resources. Be flexible and adjust your approach based on who you're working with. If an in-person event isn't feasible, consider partnering on a blog, webinar, or video series instead. Flexibility ensures that you can still collaborate effectively, regardless of resource constraints.

  5. Leverage your partner’s channels
    Maximize the reach of your co-marketing campaign by leveraging your partner’s channels and audiences. Provide them with ready-to-use promo kits that include email templates, social media posts, visuals, and other promotional materials. This makes it easy for your partners to support and amplify your campaign.


Read more to learn about targeting the right leads at the right time.



Partner onboarding...we can do better

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Rob is right. When your partners win, your customers win.

While every company likes to say they're customer-obsessed, being customer-obsessed means being partner-obsessed too.

Let's raise the bar.

Give your partners a first-class experience.



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Ella Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #602: We Can Do Better With Partner Onboarding

When your partners win, your customers win. While every company likes to say they're customer-obsessed, being customer-obsessed means being partner-obsessed too.

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