Nearbound Daily #607: Find and Leverage Signals for Partnerships

Nearbound Daily #607: Find and Leverage Signals for Partnerships

Ella Richmond 3 min

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Mental models (and why they matter)

Mental models are concepts that represent your understanding of how something works in the world.

The way I like to think about mental models is like this: you notice patterns, and then your brain forms stories about these patterns.

Sometimes these stories are accurate and other times they’re not.

Here’s an example of an inaccurate mental model in B2B.

"More leads = more close-won."

Organizations that have experienced success with high-volume lead generation in the past may continue to believe in this approach. This is an inaccurate mental model because it doesn't take into consideration other factors like market conditions and buying preferences.

In contrast, here’s an example of an accurate mental model.

"High-quality leads lead to better sales outcomes."

This mental model remains true regardless of market conditions or buying preferences at a given time. If you've defined your ICP correctly and qualified customers based on this ICP, your sales outcomes will likely show it.

So here's what this means for partner pros:

  • Evaluate your goals versus your results. Pay special attention to the areas where you fell short.
  • Reflect on the mental models that led you to make certain decisions.
  • Learn new information to amend incorrect mental models.

Mental models matter because they make it easy to make quick, strong decisions.



How to find and leverage signals for partnerships

Partner professionals need to leverage signals the way other departments like Sales and Marketing do to enhance their strategies and improve their likelihood for success.

Rob Rebholz (CEO of Superglue) recently shared a step-by-step article on what information is important for partner leaders to keep track of.

He explained it like this:

The old way: Respond to the loudest voices, your favorites, or those partners you think might be helpful.


The new way: Use technology to scan a broad range of signals and engage the right people at the right time.

Tap into the new way by leveraging your data better.

Data like:

  • Website visits
  • Marketing content engagement
  • Portal or LMS logins (e.g. into MagentrixAllbound, Salesforce PRM, PartnerStack, etc.)
  • Sandbox or tool logins
  • Marketplace activity (visits, leads, clicks e.g. via Partner Fleet)
  • Certifications
  • Individual lead submissions
  • Overlap account ownership (e.g.Reveal data)
  • Last interaction or interaction frequency

Then prioritize based on:

  • Partner type
  • Partner tier
  • Job title or role in the partnership

Rob added the note,

And remember: A lack of signals is also a signal. If someone stops engaging, it’s time to reconnect. For instance, Salesforce tracks the last activity date. If an active contact goes silent for six months, don’t let them slip away—reach out and re-engage!

Click here to read how he'd solve a company's perceived lack of data by adding missing fields to Salesforce.



The Nearbound book club

Check out this awesome partnerships book club!

They get together.

Read the book.

Discuss it.

And help each other think through implementing it.

And they're opening the book club for more people. Leave a comment on this LinkedIn post to join.


Nearbound Book Club



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Ella Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #607: Find and Leverage Signals for Partnerships

Partner professionals need to leverage signals the way other departments like Sales and Marketing do to enhance their strategies and improve their likelihood for success.

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