Nearbound Daily #609: Five Ways To Create Nearbound Sales Champions

Nearbound Daily #609: Five Ways To Create Nearbound Sales Champions

Ella Richmond 3 min

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Partner pros influence the definition of business

Josh Kaufman is a bestselling author of books like The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything Fast.

In The Personal MBA, he shares his definition of business.

“Every successful business…

  1. Creates or provides something of value (value creation)
  2. That other people want or need (Marketing)
  3. At a price they’re willing to pay (Sales)
  4. In a way that satisfies the purchaser’s needs and expectations (Value Delivery)
  5. And provides the business with sufficient revenue to make it worthwhile for the owners to continue operations (Finance)."


That’s it.

And as a partner pro, you get to directly influence that equation.

You can help your company (1) provide more value, (2) create demand (3) make it easy for prospects to want to buy, (4) deliver value in ways that satisfy the purchaser’s needs and expectations, (5) all while driving sufficient revenue to make it worthwhile to keep operating.

Partner pro, just remember: what you do each day is no small feat.



Five ways to create nearbound sales champions


Organizational buy-in is a marathon; the best way to succeed is to create nearbound champions in every department.

We're going to focus on the Sales team.

Here are the five ways you can create champions in the Sales team:

Customize your sales pitch.

Customize sales pitches based on the partner’s presence and technology stack. Understand each partner’s specific value propositions and strengths to tailor your pitch accordingly. Highlight how the partnership enhances the overall solution and drives customer success.

Gather intel and leverage partner influence.

Encourage Sales teams to gather intelligence and insights from partners. Leverage partner relationships and their deep understanding of the market to identify customer pain points, preferences, and buying behaviors. Sales teams tap into partner influence to establish credibility and trust with customers.  

Co-sell with partners.

Foster collaboration between sales teams and partner representatives to co-sell effectively. Jointly identify opportunities, align on strategies, and engage in joint sales efforts. By leveraging each other’s strengths and resources, Sales teams can tap into partner networks and customer relationships to expand their reach and accelerate deal closure.

Save low-converting deals with partners.

Identify deals that are low-converting or facing challenges in the sales process. Engage partners to provide additional support, expertise, or resources to help overcome obstacles and close those deals. Sales teams can collaborate with partners to address customer concerns, provide complementary solutions, or offer unique value propositions.

Identify missing stakeholders.

Work closely with partners to identify missing stakeholders within customer organizations who should be included in the sales conversation. Engage partners in mapping the decision-making process, understanding organizational dynamics, and identifying key stakeholders who can influence the buying decision.

And if that is not enough, you can always leverage joint open deals.

Your Sales team only needs to compare stakeholders involved on both sides and identify the ones you’re not speaking with, or get introduced to the partner AE and strategize together on the joint value prop and comms.

Learn more here.



Easy money left on the table💰

Rob Rebholz (CEO, Superglue) made a solid point on LinkedIn.

One of the biggest missed opportunities to drive more sourced revenue is staying in touch with your partners’ AEs, CSMs, and consultants.


And Danny Porter (CEO, CoPort) responded to Rob with some of the best advice for partner pros.

Run the play and then keep showing up.



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Ella Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily #609: Five Ways To Create Nearbound Sales Champions

Organizational buy-in is a marathon; the best way to succeed is to create nearbound champions in every department. We're going to focus on the Sales team.

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