Nearbound Daily: AI Just Killed SEO

Nearbound Daily: AI Just Killed SEO

Micaela Richmond 3 min

Why events are Nearbound plays

Sometimes people are surprised when we say that events are a Nearbound play.


If you run them right, they’re one of the best ways to surround your buyers with the people they trust. 


Sure, the impact of events can be hard to measure, but events are about more than just collecting leads or creating a great brand experience.


Events are a way to bring all the nodes of your buyer’s network to one place and tap into those that influence them in a unique way.


From the event content to the promotion to the attendee list to post-event actions, an event creates a myriad of opportunities to create pipeline. 


Make events not about you, but about the customer first, and who the customer trusts second.


You’ll be surprised by how many ways you can turn that into valuable pipeline. 


Listen to JK Sparks explain how AudiencePlus leverages partnerships to host awesome events!

The Nearbound benefits of working with a newcomer

We chose to host on AudiencePlus and there are tons of reasons why but where it gets sneaky cool is there’s a Nearbound play inside of this decision.


I’m not one to keep secrets, so I’ll just share it outright.


First, a quick definition of Nearbound: a GTM strategy that taps into those your buyers trust for intel, intros, and influence at every step along the customer journey.


Where outbound interrupts and inbound attracts, Nearbound surrounds.

AudiencePlus is an earlier-stage company than their competitors which means we can do more than just purchase their product.

We can partner with them to live-in-market together.

Here are some of the things we can do together because of it:

  1. Co-Innovating: They’re early enough that we can be a part of shaping the roadmap with feature feedback and requests.

  2. Co-Marketing: We are creating and sharing content and hosting events with AudiencePlus where our topics and markets overlap.

  3. Co-Selling: Using Reveal (our parent company) to see account overlaps, we tap each other for intel, intros, and influence on deals.

That’s Nearbound, baby!


And that’s a lot less likely with the old-guard vendors.


Check out the full article about AudiencePlus and


AI just killed SEO

Looks like the sport of SEO-gaming just died a little more with Google’s update to search.


Now, instead of the normal links + ads, the top half of your Google search will be taken up by an AI-generated response.




People are mentally fatigued of information. This move by Google simplifies the experience.


As the feature develops, we’ll see what this means for how Google finds, ranks, and presents information.



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Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Daily: AI Just Killed SEO

Looks like the sport of SEO-gaming just died a little more with Google’s update to search.

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