Nearbound Daily: Life or Death in the 'Who' Economy

Nearbound Daily: Life or Death in the 'Who' Economy

Micaela Richmond 2 min

The infocalypse is real.

"Content" is flooding the market, which means trust is more important than ever.


It’s not "what" or "how" anymore; it’s "who".


Giving buyers answers is not enough.


It matters who those answers come from.


Read to the end to hear about the potentially dangerous AI-generated mushroom books that have been flooding Amazon.

Going from sales to partnerships


Lucas Karcher went from Sales to Partnerships recently.


Making the jump was surprising in a few ways. 

  • The skills he gained as a BDR have proven very helpful in his current role.
  • Selling is still a huge part of the job, but now he’s selling people on partnering.
  • It takes a huge amount of time and energy to sell internal teams on why they should work with partners.

If you’re a seller looking to jump into partnerships (or co-selling), this might be a sign! 

An AI debacle


Amazon was recently flooded with mushroom-foraging books. Problem is, the information in the books wasn’t completely accurate, and experts suspect the books were written by AI.


Flux Collective wrote about the debacle saying,

Mycologists are warning that AI-generated books on mushroom foraging for beginners could be dangerous to public health.

And The Hustle chimed into the conversation,

When it comes to foraging, we’d suggest sticking to known experts.

Nothing is safe from the infocalypse, not even books.


Now, knowing what is in the book isn’t as important as knowing who wrote the book, who recommended it, and who used it to get where you’re trying to go.

Stuff you don’t want to miss!

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Micaela Richmond 2 min

Nearbound Daily: Life or Death in the 'Who' Economy

'Content' is flooding the market, which means trust is more important than ever.

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