Nearbound Weekend 10/28: Building nearbound brick-by-brick ⚒️

Nearbound Weekend 10/28: Building nearbound brick-by-brick ⚒️

Shawnie Hamer 3 min

A quick recap of the NbD this week:

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Building nearbound brick-by-brick


Nearly every time I make the trek from my home in Southern France to visit the Reveal office in Paris, I stop to see the progress of the Notre Dame Cathedral. 


It’s a very touristy activity, I know, but I am always drawn to the sheer magnificence of this incredible Paris staple—not just because of its beauty, but because of the lineage of workmanship that took to build it. 


The Notre Dame took 200 years to build, starting in 1163 during the reign of King Louis VII and ending in 1345. It was overseen by 4 architects and constructed by more than 1,000 carpenters, masons, metalsmiths, and other laborers.


This means that generations of people worked tirelessly to construct something they knew they’d never live to see. Each brick they laid, each nail they drove, and each hour of hard labor was done in service to something much bigger than themselves. Something that would last the test of time. 


And now, after the recent fire, a new generation of artisans and scientists have found themselves included in this legacy. 


I won’t compare the construction of a spiritual sanctuary to that of a creating B2B GTM framework, but because I find myself a part of the team building the nearbound movement, it’s hard to not draw some parallels. 


The institutions and strategies we’ve come to turn to and seek refuge in have taken a colossal hit. COVID, wars, economic downturns, and more have us feeling like we are standing in the wreckage with nothing but a couple of tools in our hands. 


We have no choice but to rebuild together. 


Nearbound isn’t something that will be constructed overnight, and definitely not something that will be built solely by the and Reveal team. It will take the skills and expertise of the collective to perfect. 


And make no mistake, the project has already started. We are learning together, sweating together, and building together to create something that will serve us and the next generations of GTM leaders. 


The Nearbound Summit is a prime example of this. Thousands of people from around the world and from every corner of GTM are coming together in service to this cause. 


We are building a movement. We are building a legacy. 


And my team and I can’t wait to do it alongside of you at the Summit. 


– Shawnie

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Shawnie Hamer 3 min

Nearbound Weekend 10/28: Building nearbound brick-by-brick ⚒️

We have no choice but to rebuild GtM together.

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