Nearbound Weekend 12/23: It's a wonderful partner pro life

Nearbound Weekend 12/23: It's a wonderful partner pro life

Micaela Richmond 3 min

Recap of the nearbound daily this week

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The protagonists of this nearbound era


This past year was tough, but you survived.


Budgets were cut, and you figured it out.

Executive conversations became harder, and you learned to build better pitches.

Expectations were raised, and you took it as a challenge.


All your work this year has been incredibly important to the ecosystem conversation…even if it doesn’t feel like it.


You see, it’s kind of similar to the Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


In the movie, the main character George Bailey fights daily battles in his town. But he’s an adventurer at heart and becomes frustrated with the seeming smallness. “What’s the point, he exclaims!


In this example, you, partner pro, are George Bailey who fights daily battles that wear away at you. 


Rest assured, like George Bailey, your impact is larger than you’ll ever know.


You’re not just fighting the partner battle on a company level. You’re fighting an ecosystem battle on the market level, and to see the impact you’ll have to play the long game.


I’m going to be honest, in the past, the sentiment in the market was that partnership leaders didn’t have the backbone to drive the era of the ecosystem forward.


Tyler Calder put it bluntly at the Nearbound Summit,

“There is a sentiment that the current crop of partnership leaders, the incumbents, don’t have what it takes to make the promise of partnerships, ecosystem-led growth, nearbound happen. They see us driving results, but they’re small and isolated. They want scaled results.”

In each daily battle, you’re proving them wrong.


You’re showing that partner leaders are the protagonists of this nearbound era.


So, what does this mean for next year?


It means you’ve learned a lot this year, and overcome challenges. Reflect on those lessons, build a strong network of partner pros who can help you on this journey, and continue fighting.


You can’t see the impact you’re making, but let me tell you, the market’s buzzing and everyone’s watching to see what will happen next.


Merry Christmas y’all!




p.s. Let us know what you need — information, resources, data — we’re here for you. Let us know how we can help you make the promise of nearbound happen in your organization!


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Micaela Richmond 3 min

Nearbound Weekend 12/23: It's a wonderful partner pro life

The protagonists of this nearbound era

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