Never Do Events Alone: How 6Sense is Winning the Event Game

Never Do Events Alone: How 6Sense is Winning the Event Game

Hope Anderson 2 min

When it comes to event planning - don’t make the mistake of going at it alone. 


Why would you spend 100% and get 100% returns when you could spend 50% and get 200% returns?


Everyone is striving to be unique while cutting costs, and the stress of delivering is real.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


When you partner on events, you get the opportunity to play together and win with others. It brings in more ROI, and it’s more fun!


The secret to incredible events

6sense is doing events right and winning. Their secret?


Incredible partnerships.


The team had the privilege of attending 6sense’s Club6 in Austin TX (just down the street from Forrester’s B2B Summit), and to say it was impressive would be an understatement. 


All the right feels

From the lead-up to the event to walking in and laying eyes on the decor and feeling the vibe of the space to interacting with the sponsors, it was obvious 6sense had thought about everything — down to the very last detail. 


Walking in, you had the feeling you were entering an exclusive yet inviting space.


The venue was well decorated with interestingly shaped flowers in 6sense’s brand colors, plus a few accent colors that went along with the “disco desert” theme. 


The goal was definitely a unique, high-quality experience, and they delivered. They have a reputation that precedes them when it comes to events. 


The art of the partner play

But how did they manage it? 6sense has mastered the art of the partnership play.


The 6sense team is also incredible, making sponsoring the event easy. That’s when the magic happens–provide value to your partners, go over the top for them, and it will pay dividends. 


Will Taylor, Head of Partnerships at PartnerHacker, had this to say regarding the atmosphere of the event: 


No logos spam here - the whole lounge-style event provided a genuinely comfortable space for people to connect. With 6sense employees everywhere you look, you feel their presence but you don’t feel the sales pressure that you may get at other traditional events.


Share. Give. Build trust.

6sense is known for treating their partners right and providing a great experience, and it’s all due to their willingness to help partners out and go above and beyond. 


But the key is to give .


When you build radical generosity into your culture and help partners win, you all win –together.


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Hope Anderson 2 min

Never Do Events Alone: How 6Sense is Winning the Event Game

6sense is doing events right and winning. Learn their secret here.

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