Nearbound Daily #010: Creator Economy in B2B

Nearbound Daily #010: Creator Economy in B2B 1 min

How will the creator economy change B2B?

I stumble on more conversations every day about the creator economy and the ways in which individual influencers are changing the landscape for distribution, brand, and marketing.


The main focus is B2C, where the trends tend to be earlier and easier to spot. But there’s no reason to think those trends won’t change B2B as well.


Mr. Beast, a YouTuber, can launch a candy bar or a burger joint and break records (Yes, this is true. My kids tell me all about it). The creator has the trust and distribution. He can partner for the product.


In B2B we’ve seen some moves in this direction — software companies buying content or community businesses. But we have yet to see a pattern of influencers in B2B rolling out products to their audience beyond fairly light-weight affiliate deals.


I can’t wait to see where it goes. (And I’d love your predictions!)


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Nearbound Daily #010: Creator Economy in B2B

What is the impact of the creator economy on the B2B sector?

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