Nearbound Daily #015: Partner-Led Everything

Nearbound Daily #015: Partner-Led Everything 2 min

Partnerships isn’t a department, it’s a strategy that must emanate from EVERY department.


The highest ROI partnerships are what we call Full Stack Partnerships.


This is a full-stack partnership:

  • Start together - overlap on ICP, strategy, culture, and GTM

  • Build together - integration planned and created in tandem

  • Market together - events, campaigns, integration roll-outs, shared data

  • Sell together - joint activation and co-sell to nearbound leads

  • Retain together - CSMs sharing and solving joint customer problems together


New partner pod episodes

Check out the latest podcast episodes from PartnerUp, Howdy, Partners!, and Audio Articles.


Justin Gray makes a HUGE announcement on PartnerUP #96. You don’t want to miss this episode.


How to launch a killer integration: the G2 and ZoomInfo way


How did ZoomInfo and G2 pull off an amazing integration launch that got customers excited? Rachel Gianfredi tells the nitty gritty details about how they made this integration a massive success.


Here’s what they did:


  • Research: make sure your integration makes sense

  • Start experimenting with teaser content

  • Tease the release

  • Drop it like it’s hot 🔥!

  • Post-release: keep the momentum going

  • Work with partners across orgs to crush it!


Check out the full article here.


We’re hosting a party with models!

You heard that right. And you’re invited!

You’ve helped us build it, tomorrow it’s time to reveal it. Join us tomorrow as Jared Fuller unveils the Partner Success Maturity Model. (It’s pretty sexy ngl).

It’s a model that we’ve crafted TOGETHER with YOU. But there’s still time to add your voice to the model.

Register here to join us and PartnerPage for the reveal event and discussion, tomorrow February 10 at 2 PM ET.




  • The Partner Success Maturity Model - Friday, February 10th 2 - 3:30 PM ET - Kick-back with PartnerPage and PartnerHacker as we unveil the Partner Success Maturity Model, together. Register here.

  • The application window for Firneo’s February Cohort closes on February 10thApply now to get a free 1:1 coaching session and ensure your spot to become a certified partner pro.


You don’t have to be a model to wear our swag

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Nearbound Daily #015: Partner-Led Everything

Partnerships is a strategy for every department, but what you want is a Full Stack Partnership.

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