Nearbound Daily #016: The Future is Nearbound

Nearbound Daily #016: The Future is Nearbound 3 min

We’ve got a big one...

We’ve got something planned for you.

At 12 PM ET on February 22, we’ll be letting you in on the play for the future of B2B.

In 1 hour, we’ll be bringing you:

  • A special announcement on the future of the partner ecosystem. (NGL, this might be the biggest announcement in B2B SaaS so far in 2023)
  • Some of the top names in the ecosystem bring a 30k-foot view of the industry
  • A brand new suite of resources to get more tactical than ever on how to leverage the power of nearbound data

Don’t miss out on the biggest content and education project in partnership history, all for you, for free.

Join us live!


The value of partnerships (we’ve got the stats)

Whether you’re in sales and marketing, or product and success, partnerships impact you and the business.

Check out these stats on the value of partnerships.

1. 75% of world trade flows indirectly (AKA partners).

- Ie. through your integrators, communities, podcasts... you name it.

(Source: Forrester)

2. Sales touched by partnerships close at a higher velocity and initial contract size.

3. Millennials are 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs or social networking sites.

- And 84% of them distrust advertising... ie they don’t want to hear it from you.

(Source: Marketing to Millennials)

4. Ecosystem partnership strategies are a defining factor for future-ready companies.

- Ie. companies not tapping into the above will see slower growth and scale.

(Source: Accenture)

Don’t go it alone in 2023.

Partner up and win.🤝

Clearbit ’Powered By’ program offers free data credits and flexible pricing to the partner ecosystem

Clearbit is offering free data credits to those who enroll in the "Powered by Clearbit" program. Their new API and free data credits enable teams to build data-powered products to take advantage of Clearbit’s real-time data.

Innovative teams are leveraging real-time intelligence to add context and personalization to their user experiences, and Clearbit is a clear leader in providing this capability. – Scott Brinker of

Congrats, Clearbit, on bringing this new offering to the ecosystem 🎉! Read more here.

Will ChatGPT replace partner people?

Will AI take over partnerships? I doubt it. But as AI gets better, it will replace all of our mundane tasks.

While ChatGPT can help do many (most?) things better, you can’t automate trust, connection, and excitement.

The trust you create through human connection is something that won’t be replaced anytime soon. Double down on that.

Surge of AI Creates a Partner EdgetnerHacker


  • Women in SaaS: Leading in Partnerships - Today at 9 AM PST, 6 PM CET. Reveal is shining the spotlight on women in SaaS. Register here.
  • Kiflo Roundtable: Driving Partner Meetings - Thursday, March 2nd, 11:00 AM (CST). Register here.

Partnerships in the wild

No more rushing to the office; take your next Zoom call on your way in. Tesla partners with Zoom.

Share the PhD with someone near to you

Get some PartnerHacker swag just for sharing the PhD. Send it to someone in your circle of trust.

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Nearbound Daily #016: The Future is Nearbound

We've got something big planned for you...

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