Nearbound Daily #019: Simplify Your GTM Strategy

Nearbound Daily #019: Simplify Your GTM Strategy 4 min

What is Nearbound go-to-market?

  • learn who your buyers trust
  • partner with them
  • surround buyers with those partners at every stage

Those three bullets seem simple. But this is actually an incredible shift across Sales, Marketing, and Success Departments.

Outbound and Inbound can’t operate as isolated processes with ever-diminishing returns if companies want to survive.

Surrounding every account at every step is the Nearbound layer that revives these dying GTM motions.

Nearbound gave me goosebumps 🦢

A few weeks ago, we announced that we merged with Reveal. At the announcement, we gave away The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with Nearbound Sales.

It was the FIRST-EVER guide to driving revenue with Nearbound sales tactics.

The guide and announcement gave some people goosebumps.

At the event, we had Jay McBain, Allan Adler, Jill Rowley, Jared Fuller, Isaac Morehouse, and Simon Bouchez deliver tactics and advice to change GTM forever.

If you missed the event, check out what Shawnie Hamer had to say:

Reveal and PartnerHacker gave everyone a serious case of goosebumps on Wednesday when they announced that they were merging and creating the Nearbound movement! 🤯

I was on the edge of my seat during the entire discussion, but there were three moments that really hit me in the gut.

Because these three moments brought to light what the Nearbound movement is (IMO) really about:

Opportunity (together) + Informed action (together) + Winning (together).

✨ OPPORTUNITY was shared by Jay McBain:

“We know that the average B2B customer has 28 moments before they make vendor selection.”

👉 This means there are moments in the buyer’s journey where vendors have a shot to gain insight and influence through partnerships. This is an enormous amount of untapped opportunity; it’s a buried treasure and Nearbound is the map to get there.

✨ INFORMED ACTION was explained by Allan Adler:

“What we are struggling with right now is what I call the ‘insight-to-outcome gap.’ We have these great insights that Reveal and Crossbeam give us…but in between insight to outcome you have two things that are missing: you’ve got skills and the other is process. Until the skills increase and the processes match, we aren’t going to get [there].”

Yes, our industry does great work sharing insight, but we often turn into a serious echo chamber.

We need empowering content that raises the skill levels in EVERY DEPARTMENT about how to live in-market and partner-led.

✨ Lastly, WINNING was shared by Simon Bouchez:

“I was looking at the data and 35% of the new logos signed by Reveal users in the last 12 months were already a customer of a partner. That’s huge…But we also see in the complicated market conditions partner teams impacted by layoffs…I think it’s our joint responsibility to really make it happen and focus on outcomes.”

👉 This is worth repeating: “It is our joint responsibility.”

Consider this the rallying cry.

We can only win if we win together. And not just company to company, but within companies as well. Marketing, sales, product, and more must be side by side in this fight.

I think Nearbound gives us the framework to do so.

Join us this Friday for the untold stories!

Sometimes it feels like we’re fighting a battle for partnerships. That’s because we are!

Iron sharpens iron, and we’ve rounded up battle-tested legends in B2B SaaS to share their insights about how they’ve fought and won the toughest battles.

Joining us as speakers at the event are Jared Fuller, Pete Caputa, & Jill Rowley.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be entertained, enlightened, and gain some insights you can apply to your own battles.

Join us for free, Friday, March 10th, from 4-5 pm EST. Register now!


  • Learn Out Loud with Partner Pros - Today! March 7th, at 12 PM ET - We’ve created a space for partner professionals to come together and learn out loud. Join a roundtable discussion with Alexis Scott from WorkSpan. Space is limited. Register here.
  • War Stories with Legends - Friday, March 10th - Kick back and hear tales of those who’ve fought the GTM battle and won. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be entertained, enlightened, and gain some insights you can apply to your own battles. Register HERE, for free!

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Nearbound Daily #019: Simplify Your GTM Strategy

The aftermath of The Ultimate Guide to Driving Revenue with Nearbound Sales.

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