Nearbound Daily #021: Will AI Takeover Partnerships?

Nearbound Daily #021: Will AI Takeover Partnerships? 2 min

You can’t automate trust

The race to partner up and integrate with OpenAI’s ChatGPT is at a full sprint.

Could AI replace partner pros?

I doubt it. But it could make the job a lot better.

When we automate mundane tasks, it leaves more room for face-to-face interaction. More time to build trust. And more opportunities to increase influence.

Use tools like ChatGPT to your advantage. With the time you save, focus on building something the bots can’t, like trust and influence.

New partner pod episodes

CEO of Forecastable, Alexander Buckles, joins the PartnerUp crew for episode 101.

This episode is packed full of snippets for those hard conversations you’re having in the field right now with sellers and sales leaders alike.

Morgan Hines joins the Howdy Partners posse to discuss what to look for in a partnership hire in this episode.

Nick Reed Smith joins Jessie Shipman to talk about how the give-first mentality can help you win at partnerships in this episode.

Arthur Castillo shares with Logan Lyles how you can use dark social to drive marketing results in this week’s Nearbound Marketing.

Gwyn Edwards writes about how to engage your partners and drive revenue in this PartnerHacker Audio Articles.

Direct is dying

Last week, Sam Jacobs, author of Kind Folks Finish First and CEO at Pavillion posted about how a cheaper, more effective way to GTM is to use the power of the partnership ecosystem.

Outbound and inbound are getting hammered. Nearbound is the solution.

Check out Sam’s talk from our PL[X] conference, where he discussed a partner-led future with Jared Fuller:

Mailchimp and Shopify partner up

Mailchimp is now the preferred email provider for Shopify. Merchants can use the integration to harness their marketing efforts to drive conversions.

Merchants will be able to easily automate sending customers email notifications based on their buying journey.

Intuit and Shopify team up to help Mailchimp and QuickBooks Desktop Customers Succeed with Shopify POS | Mailchimp

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Nearbound Daily #021: Will AI Takeover Partnerships?

Could AI replace partner pros? And this week's partner pod episodes.

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